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They are not giving away Jackal Buddy Falcon and similar without some gems :gem:

Maybe I missed something but when I count all my Iron storage I get to a max of 2741k while a upgrade to HA10 costs 2748k? Do you get 7k extra storage somewhere?

Likely you’re missing an upgrade somewhere.

My max iron storage is 2751k


I agree with @Guvnor you miss something.

Have you counted with the Stonghold ?

Here are the iron storage capacities per building type:

3 Advanced Iron storages at level 10 = 3 * 609k = 1827k
2 Iron storage at level 20 = 2 * 457k = 914k
Stronghold: 10k

Total: 2751k :slight_smile:

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See, I knew I missed something. Didn’t count the Stronghold (didn’t even know it gave you iron storage tbh), only the regular Iron storages. Working on my last Advanced Iron storage now, 4 more upgrades needed. So it’s gonna take some months until I can finally retrain my dupe 5*


It gives some iron and food storage capacity because in the begining of the game you do not have food and iron storage buildings.


HA is great. I now know what day of the week it is


Yeah, you can be sure about that you get a single 5 star season 1 hero every week :smiley:

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Can anyone update this image?

Mega late reply here, sorry. I havnt visited the forum for a while, so i didnt see your reply before now.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile: Thats how i thought it worked, indeed. The reason why i asked is because a guy who just joined our alliance said that it didnt worked like this, and that one could retrain heroes and get specific heroes depending on which heroes you choose to retrain. I told him that i was pretty sure that it didnt work this way, and he got annoyed and left the alliance, hehe.

Please add queuing to Lv10 hero academy. The low rates are bad enough, making this intentionally hostile is a kick in the teeth.


Yes because then at least I can free a lot of roster space!

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Someone can tell me which is the fastest way to have space for 300 recruits? This topic has become too big and can’t find the info. I’ve 1 adv. house at lvl 5 ,2 houses upgrading from 11 to 12 and 1 house at lvl 8.

Upgrade all of your houses to level 20. You might be able to stop at 19 since you have the advanced house.


The lowest level for houses to reach 300 recruits is

Advanced 9, the rest at 16

This gives 300 recruits exactly, as well as maximizing your recruit production as AH10 only adds production storage not more production, and the regular house levels are much cheaper and faster to build than Advanced. Currently no in game reason beyond wanting more storage to build your houses beyond this.

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Any plans to add new event heroes and season 3 and 4 heroes to the mix?

@Guvnor I have updated the training graphic. Here it is for the update to your OP. Thanks.


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