Help for Egally


So red question, took marj to final and have 8 blades. — should I take wilbur, falcon, santa (3/70), or Anzogh (3/70).

I’m leaning falcon & anzogh.



I’d go with Wilbur and Falcon. Both have mind-boggling specials not matched elsewhere.

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Agreed. He sounds ok but not blown away. Maybe gravemaker coming soon anyway ? Lol


So what are the best green moves? I have albi 3/1 abd a healer that could replace melendor. Or still focus on melendor. Have buddy 3/60. Other greens are Hansel, jack o hare, or Lianna. Well, have lady Locke and hatter too but seems I could benefit from the 4 since I’ll probanly take albi all the way. 4 tonics and 3 shields. Convencied I’ll get a 4th shield before shrikewood.


So I held up on Joon and luckily pulled posiden. Since I have Ariel does he make more sense because of family? My Joon survives at 3/70 on titans. Plus I can use my 142 monks on wu & Wilbur. His defense looks a little better. Plus I have all the other family that could be interesting way down the road —triton, Ariel, proteus, atomos, posiden

Also, since I’m basically set on classes with everyone different what order do you think?

Albi - Ariel - posiden - hel - marj — not sure there’s a true tank in here and a little to utility to bring a santa or Something. I have over 100 emblems in each.



This is prob the better approach I’m


Be curious to see what misandra would add. Even though she just seems ok. Never ending mana field.


I vote for Poseidon over Joon. Stronger stats plus that nice family synergy. Joon’s blind is great, but Psoedon is perfect against Hel/Proteus/Merlin.

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So getting close on enough to take 2nd 5 dark. Sartana or kuncheon? Have Ariel as main healer and also albi ascended. Once I get Ariel up with emblems I’ll plan on replacing albi in some instances. Greens are hatter, Locke, Lianna , atomos, Margaret , and morgan le. Lianna still the best option?



Kunchen is awfully good as a tank, and you have a solid group of snipers (counting Lianna).

I still think Lianna is your best choice, though either Hatter or Locke would be a very defensible choice.

  • Lianna is still unmatched for delivering a clean, strong strike. Kageburado has probably slipped ahead of her as best overall sniper (because of the dispel-then-hit combo).
  • Hatter is a strong hitter with the ultimate dispel version—stealing those buffs. He almost single-handedly won a war battle for me, facing Inari and Alberich. But facing a typical team with only a few buffs, he’s only so-so.
  • Locke is incredibly deadly when antidotes aren’t available—if your foe doesn’t have a cleanse ready to go, death follows. Her cleanse is also a huge plus.
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I guess santa could tank as well? Over kunch? Or totally switch it up and tank kinch. Hel as a double purple could be legit though. Just kunch takes out Ariel in a sense but much better defensive stats.


Think I’m leaning kunch and Locke.

Still need to get melendor and Hansel up. Have 10 shields so should work out timing wise

Better to have 1 heal like a kunch tank on d or 2? If 2 then I’d have to stick with strikers it seems. If not I could utility Locke in. She seems killer for Perfect riposte and we’ll as morgan. I may tinker Morgan way later on for war depth to mess with boril tanks


Locke is one of the few heroes that I’m missing and want. Envy! She’s certainly a deadly hero.

Personally, I run only one healer on my defense. If running two healers, they need to have powerful side effects. Your Ariel/Alberich pair, for example, are hugely synergistic, as Ariel’s buff amplifies the mana gain from Alberich’s buff. And Ariel is average mana. Two slow mana heroes would be less troublesome.

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You’ll prbaly get her this time around. :+1:

So yellow, think onatel over Joon? She could go well with kunch but think I’d bring Lianna if I go that route

Otherwise kunch , onatel, Locke, and two 4 strikers on the ends.


Who do you think on yellow? Guess it’s joon or onatel. If onatel I’m taking Lianna. Onatel and kunch are a beefy front two. I do have jackal and teams well with Joon. Getting closer on moving jackal to final. If Joon I could look at Locke potentially.

I have 4 capes. Take sonya or Richard 3/70? It’ll be a while before I have the scopes. My two buffers are melendor abd Kenny rodgers about to ascend Melendor to final. My other blues are Kiril 4/25, Grimm 4/55, frida 3/22 abd Ariel 4/ 59.

Reds— 15 blades but gonna eat 8 with falcon and santa to 3/70. Would I be better moving red hood, anzogh, Elena, or Khagan for 5’s. If not a 5 I have (one of them would need to stay at 3/70 for a while but if a 5 is santa a better ascend?) — Lancelot, kelile, Scarlett and gormek, or Sumitomo. I guess santa and falcon could work well together and he’s a solid tank.

Trying to get the most damage I can for war teams.

Currently moving my guardians, melendor, Sonya, and kunch. Using my two stars more towards heroes that need those feeders


Also, I’d be fine with emblems with Lianna or Locke. Marj will prob get even though jackl could benefit from 30. Kunch and Ariel step on each other but was leaning Ariel.

As always, thanks!


Hard to choose between Joon and Onatel. They are both excellent, though very different. Jackal+Joon is a devastating duo on offense. Onatel is very versatile and can single-handedly pull out a tough war battle (just happened for me yesterday). I like Joon on titans for the blind.

Richard is not useful at 3/70. Sonya.

On your reds, I’d vote for Scarlett. None of those 5* are going to be compelling at 3/70, and Scarlett has an amazing attack stat that helps on titans, whether she’s dead or alive. She’s also very good on challenge events.