Help for alliances recruiting, and people searching for an alliance

Global chat and the alliance recruitment section are completely swamped, and unless you know what to search for, how can you navigate alliance search with any real meaning.

If they want to double the active players and grow the game spend this will only get worse. And for retention of paying players it needs to be managed.

SG needs to find a solution for this, such as a random alliance allocator advertised as a way to find a team. You put in language cups etc and it just plonks you in an alliance, randomly for you, but in order for alliances so they can grow easier.

Recruiting for lower and starter teams is too tough and slow, they need a helping hand to get going.

If they want to monetise this they could allow leaders to use gems to bump their allocations of new players.

There has to be a better solution than global chat and this forum swamped.

Some specific areas:

  • alliance search should have indication for activity and results, for example last 5 wars (unused flags, victories), last 5 titans (kill/fly, size),
  • new players should land in training alliance recuitment chat, not global
  • “sticky notes” in AR or other tools to avoid continuous flow of ads
  • being able to send alliance invites to allianceless people
  • divide people into virtual worlds on a random basis, each world would have own global chat, just to divide amount of traffic - switch world button available

there is an alliance recruitment section here in the forums. you will get your best applicants from there


Not enough for a training alliance for example. In game recuitment is a useful tool for alliances and great benefit for people not using forum or Line.

As an alliance leader it will help immensely to be able to use tags to describe my alliance. Tags will help people find alliances based on the location, interests, affinities, etc.

So far only people who look using keywords found on the name of the alliance are able to locate it.


To me this sort of begs the question: why not just model new in-game recruitment functionality after the Forum?

Have a thread for each alliance in-game, where they can describe themselves and who they’re looking for. Make that searchable by players, and allow players to respond to the posts in the alliance thread.

Then add a search function, and a latest updated view.

Prevent alliance members from bumping the thread more than every certain amount of time. (The Forum does this too by restricting number of replies in a row by the same person.)

Ideally, add onto all of that some basic search filtering criteria, like language, activity level, cup requirements, interests, etc.

That seems to me like a far more productive approach to recruitment than an endlessly scrolling chat feed like there is now.


I said that in the post?? But theres not enough people on the forums, maybe less than 0.5% of players, perhaps even lower. A

If they could find a way to connect the forum to the game more perhaps they could improve the traffic here.

The fact is in my opinion, there are not edequate tools to support alliance development.

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Dont know how to tag 2 posts in a reply, but good points by both.

Tags could help greatly, as at the moment you stand more chance of being found if you copy a top 100 name, or use a country on your title. It’s not really fit for purpose.

You could EARN your tags, i.e if you take 5 players from sub 300 to 1000+ you earn your training tag, if you win 5 wars in a row you get a war strategy tag so on and so on. This way people cannot add tags that are not relevant.

But yes linking the forum into tye game somehow would be great, and limiting the current format of bump your post and repost continously.

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you gotta ask yourself what you looking for. anyone who is really anyone in the game has visited the forums at some point. id they havent done that much research then what does that say about them. people who are really interested will find ways to get information and every songle player i have recruited from here has stayed at least 2 months. we are higher up in the allaince rankings so agreed new players wouldnt be happy fonding us anyway but players who are at the mid game with a real interest will have heard about the forums and rhose people ask the right questions for you to know that you wanna spend the time helping them. as i said thats my own personal experience as almost a year un i ly used that once early om amd recently to see what the fuss was about. no thanks. all these people have phones or computers that ha e a ton of a thiusand ways to reach out to people. if you ha e notbing but those awful chat rooms to find yourself " people" what kind of people do you think you gonna find?

I have requested this a few times over the past year. Add a link to ever member account leading directly to the allience recruitment forum post.

This let players know where to go and instantly create access to the majority of new player who would more than likely have no idea there is a section for this in the forum.

It would also create more forum users as well.

I even suggested that each alliance have their own forum board, if an allience closes the so does that board. This would also provide a place for perminate alluence rules and notices.

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Alliance Recruitment needs attention badly. Seems like every alliance has 15-25 member and it is very very difficult to fill up. The recruiting channel is garbage and filled with so much spam it is impossible read through it. If there was a chart that just listed the alliances by rank, their open spots, their requirements, language etc… Then people could just scroll through it and decide

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Would be cool if leads had boxes to check of what their alliance is as far as how it’s run and what not example in the alliance I’m in we would check boxes labelled titan required, 18+, active chat. We would leave war required unchecked. Than when ppl are looking for an alliance they can see it on our alliance page and also if someone is dry searching they can just check the boxes of what they are looking for and a list of alliances with the same would pop up

Dead alliances need to be done away with. If the lead has been inactive 100+ days the alliance should be automatically disbanded

Agree. Also a better alliance search would help a lot - simple things like possible filter for (not) dead alliances would help a lot.

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This may be helpful; it’s been around a while:

I agree the search engine is limited and shows only 50 results by some algorithms.
May be there could be added an option to display local alliances or there may be a button to show additional 50 results at the end of the list… Like this the server will not be overloaded, like this it will be additional further search.

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