Help for alliances recruiting, and people searching for an alliance

Global chat and the alliance recruitment section are completely swamped, and unless you know what to search for, how can you navigate alliance search with any real meaning.

If they want to double the active players and grow the game spend this will only get worse. And for retention of paying players it needs to be managed.

SG needs to find a solution for this, such as a random alliance allocator advertised as a way to find a team. You put in language cups etc and it just plonks you in an alliance, randomly for you, but in order for alliances so they can grow easier.

Recruiting for lower and starter teams is too tough and slow, they need a helping hand to get going.

If they want to monetise this they could allow leaders to use gems to bump their allocations of new players.

There has to be a better solution than global chat and this forum swamped.

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