Designing a new Alliance search?

Just to spark further conversation, if you could design a search for new players to find you, what would it look like?

Would it select you based on:

  • Alliance Score?
  • Name?
  • Recent activity?
  • Number of players?
  • Level of Titans?
  • ‘# of Wars (undefeated)?
  • Frequency of players coming/going?
  • something else?

All above would be convenient. Being Dutch i’d like to search on Dutch alliences, so being able to search for language would be nice for me.

I think all you mentioned would be possible to measure and give to me as info. I’d like not to search longer than just 15 seconds though and maybe that would be too long. So giving an estimated search time for the filter i’d like to use would be convenient. :smiley:

To get bullets

  • language
  • search time

I replied to the other thread about this subject but to keep the thought the same here go.

All those are descent headings for a search. When I first started and my wife had an established account in an established alliance; she was told that she was welcome to recruit. To an introvert that is a daunting task.

When I began looking for an alliance to join, I found more than a dozen that only had a few active players and more often than not those alliances had members that were active but the leadership had stopped playing.

Recent activity would be a great way to search for alliances. It was frustrating to join an alliance that had been hitting titans of 5* and higher and then find out that the few remaining members still playing were unable to take down a 5* titan.

I had joined one such alliance and after about seven days being a member those that played actively formed a new alliance. Being able to search the activity of an alliance would make it more welcoming I should think.

The name search does work, basically.

The number of players way to search would allow players to search for the alliances, though the problem still stands there are quite a few alliances that have more than 15 to 20 players and they are inactive.

The alliance score doesn’t truly matter to new players as they don’t really understand what that is until they are part on an alliance and see it in action.

Number of wars undefeated would look appealing; though that could be misleading. The wars won would draw players to winning alliances but not draw people to alliances that may need fresh blood to win the next war.

If I looked at an alliance based on the activity of player rotation; my first thought would be what is wrong with the alliance, not did those players get kicked because of breaking an alliance rule.

It would be neat to be able to look at your above list on a screen similar to a Player’s Profile. An Alliance Profile would allow for all those to be addressed in one shot.

Now, for the something else. There are two of them. The first thought would be to be able to look for newly formed alliances. Maybe how long has the alliance been around in E&P; say 7DD forever or my alliance which has been only 2 days. And the second thought. Have a button that leaders could set to lock their alliance so that players looking for a new alliance isn’t even able to click to join their alliance.

Did not expect this to be so long and wordy. Sorry about the essay length.

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Looking for an alliance that has room to join would be good!

Are you looking for a new alliance or just making an observation?

Discussion - Asking what people would like when using the search function to look for new alliances. (There has been discussion for several months now that it is broken.)

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Hi, hope this coming update include the war records of the alliance, that is how many war play, how many times the alliance. It will be more challenging for all members to try to perform well to bring up the status of the Alliances. Thanks.


Nope, happy with where I am.

For what it is worth, when I was barely more than high enough to join I did a bit of forum reading looking for alliances that would welcome newbies…tried to find/join one or two, then stumbled onto my current one in global chat; my first time chatting too.

Our leader has done recruiting in global chat when we have openings since…(plus a few friends recruited by members…)

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An options menu to select search criteria would be awesome. I’m sure SG has database guys that could whip this out in no time. :grinning:


Here is what I put in the old thread:

  • Select Main Language - defaults any ( can use the flag attribute)
  • Select Minimum and Maximum Members ( Default 1/30)
  • Toggle Open \Invite Only\Any ( 100% agree with above that the text should be changed to Apply)
  • Select Min and Max Cup Requirement - defaults any
  • Select Min and Max Alliance Score - defaults any ( should go some way to placing people in a level appropriate alliance)

In the list you suggested the following would be neat

Current or Last Titan type ( select min\max)

War %victories slider select . Or something different if SG have dev plans for AW scoring systems.

Activity ? Well Leader last logged on might be helpful in search , but anything more generalised would be relatively hard to code for the benefit.


Well, I would have said one of the criteria would be longevity of membership, but that number is skewed by people coming and going between trainer alliances and Merc’ing. No, I don’t think the coming changes will completely stop Merc’ing. Currently our alliance finishes 10* titans often within the first hour or two and often before many of our members can get a hit in, so that would leave more than a few with the possibility of needing to go elsewhere to get titan treasure.

I am a fan of trends, so I would go with averages. Average titan level defeated over the past 3 weeks, Number of players, Alliance score of the same period of time, AW record, Average Defensive team power, Average Cups total, Average Ranking of Alliance, Average Ranking of Alliance members.


Emphasis added. Very much agree.


I would think that the standard “I’d like to join your alliance.” should be blank as well. When I was in my previous alliance the leadership turned that request down 99% of the time. If a player can’t type something in the language of the leaders than they didn’t accept them.

Should this be moved to Ideas & Suggestions? (I necroed an older topic there, but it was not as in-depth)
I’m 100% onboard with updating this.
The same issue plagued Boom Beach & is part of the reason I quit. Recruiting & searching for alliances are both a pain without a filter. This should have been included from day 1.

Pretty sure all my wanted search features have been posted above, already. That said, I would take any improvements they give us :grin:

As suggested. (I stick to General Discussion by habit.) :wink:

I’d like to see several criteria:

  1. Language
  2. Toggle Open/Apply/Any
  3. Average player level
  4. Average trophies
  5. Average defense team power
  6. Last 3 titans (* level and defeated or escaped)
  7. Leader last logged on
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Improve the search to find an appropriate alliance

  • language/country (very important)
  • score
  • titan star

Restrictions for joining the alliance

  • power
  • language

This is the only topic in this subforum I could find on the subject of improving the alliance search. The content is lacking, though :wink:

When the game was new, maybe this wasn’t as big of a deal.

Posting in the alliance recruitment chatroom is a waste of time. Posting on the forum isn’t quite as useless, but it would be much more convenient if the in-game search had something besides 1 blank search field.

My suggestions are below:

  1. [blank field] … (that would search name, description, etc.)
  2. Language
  3. Trophy requirement
  4. Team power (defense team?)
  5. Min/max members

Maybe I’ll throw something together in Photoshop later :thinking:

@Rook had posted a similar post a while back on this very subject. I will search for it and if I find it I will share the link.

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