Having issues Mystic Vision

Yep same exact thing here

Have you tried suggestions in other threads?

@Rook or other moderator This is a duplicate thread required to be merge

Still needs fixed

Getting the same bug as the above picture, I have reported the ad every way possible. It still keeps popping up and not playing therefore no loot or chests for 10 ads

I am having the exact same issue

The thread mentioned is closed and I can’t reopen it. I’ll look into merging the many open Mystic Vision threads.

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Have you done the usual basics:

  • made sure you have the most recent operating system installed
  • ditto the latest E&P
  • turned your phone/device completely off and on

Not always, but often, this fixes everything for me. Do you have a link to SG help?

How to Contact Support (Version 31 Onwards)

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Yes, whatever ad that was the issue is not being run now … all current ads are working perfectly

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Is Mystic vision broken or this is just a “new feature” from developers that I have to watch 2-3 ads to get rewarded?
This is so annoying. I am giving you 3x ad views and getting rewarded like for 1 ad, what a joke.

Same as above. No reward for Mystic vision.

Similar thing just happened to me. I have a video.

There is now a master for recent Mystic Vision bugs, here:

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