[Master] Mystic Vision bugs, again

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A number of ads aren’t giving rewards in the user, especially the plane shoot em down one. If we’ve got to watch your crassly ads there better be a reward, else just nix them, seriously.


For me, this was fairly frequent during when the cooldown timer was 4 hours. Watch the ad, the ad plays, x is pressed at the end of the ad, game returns to base, the tower displays no ads available, try again later, about a minute later, it’s available to be watched again. Sometimes the next ad that gets watched gave rewards, sometimes the same thing.

The most I’ve seen this go through was 4 times when the MV finally registered a successful view and gave rewards (and I collect my 1 arrow attack and 1 gem). Not sure if each time ads plays is considered an “ad click” to generate revenue for SGG (whether the MV successfully registered a view or not), but if so, it’s like I watched 4 MV ads to collect for one MV viewing reward and SGG got ad revenue for 4 clicks.


Ever since v40 update, my MV has not been functioning properly with various bugs here and there - can’t get the ads, ads doesn’t play properly, can’t receive reward after watching the ads blah blah blah… At this point, I have given up contacting the staff coz I know what kind of response I will be receiving from them.

During my first year of this game, I never had any issue watching MVs and receiving rewards. But over the past 6 months or so, it is a nightmare experience with all kinds of problems.

I guess developers have dedicated all their time into developing new features and new heroes so that they can entice us to pay. Any feature leading to free reward for players is probably at the bottom of their priority list.

For the last few days when I View adds, opening Google Play and when I get back to a game window there is no more add showing and therefore I am wasting a time for no reward. Fix and start reward people…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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Yeah I’ve been getting this frequently since they reduced the timer I just don’t watch the adds anymore

I think you’re referring to the Falcon Studios interactive Ad. That ad has robbed me twice.

There is one add, after watching I don’t get any rewards. Happened 3-4 times now. Always with the same add. I don’t remember the name (maybe falcon). It’s the one where a fighter shoots other airplanes.

Another mystic vision occurs shortly after this. But it’s annoying to have the same bug with this specific add.

Hi guys, theres a bug in the game where you watch the mystic vision ad but if your phone times out theres no reward?

Not a bug. Check your recent activitiy - you should see the reward there.

Find it under: Options - Support - recent activity

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It’s happened to me fairly frequently lately. You watch the whole ad, go to claim your rewards, and then it’s just says no ad available.
No rewards. Even when checking recent activity.

It happened to me as well, that time me went on clicking that MV , portal nonstop. Another add appeared. I’m happy.

Same story for me, yesterday played an ad 5x, before got a different ad where I got rewards, been several where watch full ad, no reward, the reset another vision allowed and usually get rewards that time

Mystic vision doesn’t even load for me; says check later 24 hours a day for a long while now

I give up - those interactive ads are just not working… :man_shrugging:t2:

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this happened more than once with me.
watch the ads, suffer through the boredom for those 30 seconds and then nothing, no connection issues no warning and no rewards.
the counter resets for another 8hrs…

Mystic Vision Not Furnishing Rewards Failed On 4 Separate Occasion To Give Rewards For Watching Useless Ads.

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just got an epic troop token from mystic vision, seems to be working just fine here. thanks for watching!

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