Have ascension items disappeared?

Well that’s what I use them for! :grin:

I know some have fast-tracked their TC20 at the expense of their farms and/or are churning out high-level heroes so much the farms can’t keep up. I just think the game tries to be balanced for multiple types of players, not just one group…hence the ham and iron. :wink:


Tc20 is pointless if you cant improve the levels of your characters though.
Anyone can have a deck of heroes that look nice and shiny, but you cant use them.

Stop being logical! :grin:

Lol that went off topic anyways!!
It would just be nice to receive an answer, even to say “sorry, but nothings changed”. Just so we all know, and just suck it up and carry on. Although if no one asks then it would never potentially be raised as an issue.

I can’t answer on that last one, as I don’t know. I’ve never seen a direct “you should get x ascension items per day/week/month” answer, though.

We can though, rare quest remember? if we can persuade devs to give us at least one per week?:wink:


Well I’m all for that! I’ll add my request to yours. :wink:


Its just been a noticeable difference to whats been dropping, I wouldnt expect to receive a certain amount of items or quests. It just seems to have been slowed down considerably recently, which makes the game predictable when you know you cant get any further forward in the game.
I really didnt want to say it but when “epic offers” are being thrown around and item drops seem slower, it starts to stink of p2w.

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I have ton of things I DONT need and none of what I do and never see it. When can we start trading, in my alliance we all have what each other needs but is worthless to if we cant trade.

Im pretty sure there are other posts in the forum about trading, which you should add your comments to. The more people that get involved the more chance you get your voices heard.

I have been having a devil of a time getting Fine Gloves, it seems that everyone needs them to Ascend to Third and Fourth Ascension however they are pretty much one of the most absent items when it comes to “Loot” i can understand Royal Tabbards and Golden telescopes being extremely rare, due to the High powered Ascension they represent, but its starting to look like “Pay to be powerful “ for the rare Ascension items.


Have you noticed any change recently or have you always had the same problem?

With a RNG system the whole thing’s a gamble, a crapshoot. I don’t love RNG so much but I’m used to it. Mostly used to the let-down because we all want nice things but the game doesn’t care. It’s just cold and calculated when rolling the dice.

So, I just play with the mindset never really expecting anything good to drop. Therefore, when it does…whoo boy, you’d think I won the lottery I get so excited. Ha, ha. Playing like that keeps my frustration down. :slight_smile:


Titan chest lately was a real pain and then 2 min ago from a “normal” raid wanted quest.

RNG my friends, just love it.

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Yes , to tell you the truth i had never paid attention to it when i first started, however since ascending my first 5 Heroes there has been considerable dropoff in what i have received, even in the Mystery chests there has been almost nothing. It seemed like the more levels i have gained the less good “mats” i have received.

May not be a popular response but I was going to say the opposite. I got a warm cape and blade today from the titan kill and 2 days ago I got a sturdy shield. I never seem to get gloves though. Lol

Its a welcome response if im honest, it gives me hope that some people are still getting good loot.

This is my luck at the moment!!

Wow Lenny! I thought your luck would never run out! :wink:

I’m reading here for weeks how to get compasses since I have 8 heroes I can’t ascend any further without a compass.
I finish as much as possible wanted missions per day, get A or B rewards at titan quests (mostly 6* and 7*) but no compass since weeks.

And then it happened: I got an offer for 32,99 €: 3.000 gems, some epic and normal coins, one compass, one warm cape and some other stuff.

So what to do? Wait again for several weeks hoping to get the needed ascension items or just hit the Buy-Button and make SG happy?

I also have no doubt that they changed the rollout of ascension items in the last weeks. And that is unfair towards players without maxed heroes. The one that have the team power will stay on top of all lists because others can’t ascend. So the top players continue to get the rewards.
So you need money to move up (perhaps praying also helps?).