Have ascension items disappeared?

I dont know if its just me, but have ascension items and the opportunity to earn them just disappeared?
I am regularly filling wanted chests and defeating titans but nothing seems to be dropping. I also havent had an elemental chest for months.

Its getting pretty frustrating to be honest. Is anyone else experiencing this low level of love from the game?


Talk about frustration! I’ve been top attacker, and often in first place. No ascension items, except low end ones that you can farm on the world map, and what I already had plentiful of. Yesterday I finally received one, compass which I had some of those also. Titan chests, Monster chests which I do, and watching Ads, they haven’t been giving me any ascension items that one cannot get from farming on world map.

Yet people in the same alliance who was beneath me receiving ascension items like there was no tomorrow. What’s the purpose of being in first place with Titan battles if I don’t get much? Almost making Titan battles worthless.


If you need normal ascension items, try farming level 12-9. That is the place I go and I have hundreds of them. If you are looking for rare ascension items, then two words spring to mind - too random. I went two months getting none. Then over the past two weeks I have acquired seven. Two came from a rare quest, Three came from two 4* titans and one 5*, one came in a (100) monsters killed reward, and one from the mystic vision. I am also NOT getting the (150) wanted goal and that is frustrating. The question for you is whether gambling and random is tolerable or not? Think of this game as a trip to Vegas.


Same old, same old. you just need to prepare(mentally) to enter the dry land and rejoice when its flourish.


Since new year’s, I place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd on 8* titans… 1 Warm cape (that I don’t need) to show for it while those who scored B seem to be rolling in items. Last couple titans I’ve stopped trying to top the charts, it just isn’t worth it. I have heros waiting to ascend, the last thing I’m going to do is buy more gems to roll for heros I can’t ascend. From now on its ascension items first, THEN I’ll spend to get the heros that can use them. And if it takes too long, I’ll go join the 2 from my alliance who left this month out of frustration with items and draws and want to that other new game like this one…


I was just wondering if the percentage chance of receiving these items had dropped?
Ive not changed the way I play the game or the amount of time I spend playing. It has been a noticeable difference these past 2 months.


I got 1 warm cape today from 6* titan, 1 hidden blade from elemental chest yesterday. 1 shield from last week, 1 hidden blade, compass, glove from last two week 5-6* titans. Not counting the obligatory one from rare quests . and i cant remember what i got from other elemental chests that i got each week except that 1 time I got all scabbards. if this help. I am expecting/bracing myself to enter dry land, yeah, with the cycle and all.

edit: 1 tonic from mistic vision last month.

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I also get bad loot from chests and mystic vision, mostly only one banner and 2-3 diamonds; whereas i saw many ppl get even 4* ascension items.
I do had some elemental chest but low chance items. I only got a few 3* ascension items and only daily tokens not Epic tokens…

I understand that is a random thing, and i feel so unlucky… But i just have to grit my teeth and grind forward :smiley: .


Lucky you it seems. What is this cycle you talk of? With probability there should be no such thing as cycles?

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Maybe yes, maybe not. I don’t know how its actually works, only devs know how the RNG work or is there something underlying it? Just remember, different person experience things differently.

Who knows, all I know is my experience of the game has become maximum effort for next to no reward. And it seems the small few are bagging ascension items and elemental wanted chests like they are going out of fashion. Something really needs to be done to make it fair for everyone.


There are two ascension items available in rare quest (Shrikewood) right now, but it’s almost gone. Less than 3 hours remain. Go get em! :wink:


Dark chest today: chainmail, tall boots :slight_smile:

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I’ve been grade A for the last three Titans all ten stars and have gotten crap loot, this mornings inwas grade C and got sturdy shield and magic orb go figure

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Seems to be the way this game plays im afraid, we used to have the issue that grade B trumped any other grade with regards to titan loot.

Problem is, this dropped because they admitted an issue with rare quests disappearing, and so increased the chances of such a quest occurring.
Which in turn means they can raise and lower the chances of ascension items dropping.

My question was, where have they gone? because they seem to have pulled off a disappearing act in my game.


Hmm…more work for the wicked! I have not been in game much the last few weeks (having been sick), so haven’t noticed any precipitous drop.

I tend to think these things cycle, as they always have before. Time will tell!

It would be better if they removed ham and iron from wanted chests and increase the chances of getting something that is actually wanted.
I get these items are rare, but they seem to be more rare to some than others, it doesnt really make sense.


There are those burning through ham for heroes, and iron for expensive buildings. Not everyone has an excess of these things.


Gotcha but thats what farms and mines are for surely?