Has there been any noticeable benifits so far?


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:grin::grin::grin:Of course the OP doesn’t mention he’s into the “protest”, still, can’t help finding this funny as hell :grin::grin::grin:

Im trying to understand, that how anyone that is playing the current meta, dosent already see that it is destroyed.

Not sure how minor rebalances are going to destroy something that is already broken


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my benefit from today morning: rare chest…

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This thread leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Can I ask OP to clarify?

Was it intended to muse that the #nospend movement essentially donates their 5* to spenders? That it gives an incentive to spend via “benefits”?

I cheer for your pulls, I do not however cheer for the sentiment.

Nice pulls. This will wind up the have nots.

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I will help you out since you was not the only one that is deeply offended that you was not able to scroll past the op

You was not alone in being repulsed

I would also like to add my 3 for 30 recently, in which it seems as if the slot machine has loosened up a bit :partying_face:

I will admit I have not read the absolute entirety of this thread, since by now it’s kind of bulky. That said, I don’t see how you got “deeply offended” out of my rather measured response.

I appeal to your common sense here:

  1. The #nospend movement is dedicated to prevent SGG from raking in cash until they fix some of the glaring problems with the game
  2. You advertise summoning in the present moment by implying the rates are now upped thanks to the #nospend movement
  3. Some of the people who see your post are now tempted to spend more because there are “benefits”

End result: SGG is rewarded at the expense of #nospend without actually fixing the glaring issues.

It’s one thing to not openly support the movement, it’s another to do things directly antithetical to it, even if unintended.

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It is debatable

It looks as if what really kicked the movement off is the attempt from SG to “fix” or rebalance" alot of heros.

Anyone whom enjoys the current meta, and does not want change, has to be upset due to all of the money they spent attempting to be on top of the meta.

I am open to change

That, but also unchecked power creep, insulting approach to introducing alpha aethers, and the exhausting tempo of new hero introduction.

Also the whole matter of blatantly ignoring beta tester feedback.

Agreed, so am I. Balance changes are definitely necessary, both buffs and nerfs, else the game is bound to become stale and fizzle out. No one’s getting refunded their life savings if the servers go offline in a year from now.

This all said, even if you didn’t intend it this way, the thread reads like:

#NoSpend: “Please do not spend until issues are dealt with.”
You: “Spending is better than ever now! Thanks, #NoSpend! :wink:


Ok, you are entitled your beliefs, just as I am.

I am not arguing who, what,when,where or how.

I am just starting that there has been some benifits for me, in which, the question was directed to others that have felt they have benifited as well.

Where I come from, you are allowed opinions and thoughts, and if they differ from others, people move along.

Thanks for your thoughts :heart:

Decide to test this theory. Did 30 pulls and this was the result. :rofl:

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Great effin pull. At least I know that he’s not a glitch meant for everyone to pull and never get.

I may just try later I haven’t spent in a while. It is my birthday soon I should treat myself to a bit of joy or 1.6% chance of disappointment. It is what it has always been.

It’s baffling that SG dropped the covenant summons randomly without an introduction on the calendar.

SG, “oh ok I see you all don’t want to spend. You all haven’t gotten over the balance change yet? Ok so we’ll just release an insanely OP hero that no one is going to get since no one is spending?”

Let’s be honest here people are spending and those that are spending the most are those that are upset with other people that they’re spending their money how they want to spend their hard-earned money and it shouldn’t be a problem to anyone how someone else wants to spend their money because it doesn’t benefit you.

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That was basically my rationale. “Eh, it’s been a while, let’s go waste some cash!” :joy: Also, Happy future birthday!

From what’s been said, Covenant quest and portal don’t have a set date so they won’t appear on Calendars.

Eh. It doesn’t matter who’s getting upset, it’s the fact anyone has the audacity to get upset and shame people for doing as they see fit with their own money. You don’t earn their money for them nor do you get to be upset how they choose to spend it. Everyone should focus on their own and that’s it. Don’t wanna spend? Good! Someone else wants to? Good! That’s all there is to it.


I just seen this thread and tested it myself and got Alice and two Cupids. It was okay for 30 hero pull.


grats to all those with nice pulls.

have I been tempted to spend my gems? yes, gems, (not cash). I’m not brave enough to test those odds though, and will wait until Summer Solstice… I’m very close to scraping together the 8400 gems needed for a 30-pull there (assuming they do not change it from last time). and at least no vanilla /S1 heroes…

hopefully SE runs around the same time, as I may need to free up some roster space too! (and am not confident I’ll get enough gems in time to expand my roster either)

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Good luck, I only have 50 hero tokens for the event, i dont traditionally do well in those events

thank you :slight_smile: it will be my first 30-pull ever, have only done 10-pulls so far. hoping to at least get a few new 4* and a couple new 5*.

wishing you good summon luck too!