Harmful behavior

I’ve seen a lot of reports either in indonesian global chat room or in an E&P group.
That there was one account that had cost several alliances. It’s been happening for a long time, but nobody knows how to fix it.

The player joins from one alliance to another. He then asks the leader of the alliance to be a co-leader, or a leader, and once he has it, he kicked all members of the alliance and change the name of alliance into his name.

After that he moved back to another alliance.
I got this report based on the fact that so much complaint goes to the facebook group E&P Indonesia

So can we get a petition to get suspend his account ?

Hi @zaka702

No, the forum can’t be used to vote to ban a specific player.

But this sounds like very destructive behaviour and the player should be reported through the support system to the staff.

I know there is a lot of debate at the moment about the change to the ability to track banned players and any wider debate should continue HERE.

I would also recommend that only long term members are promoted to co-leader, certainly someone asking for a quick promotion could trigger alarm bells.


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