📯 Gullinbursti – New Season 3 Hero – 4* Holy/Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

He and the new ninja mica will work exceptionally well with each other

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I thought about this too but I’m not so sure. You need to fire Mica to help Gullin charge but you also want them to be active at the same time so timing could be tricky. Also, Gullin’s damage caps quite early though you can drive his attack stat WAY up.

So, they could be a great pair for event teams where you have some time and want to drive tile damage way up. Though for those that compete aggressively, this will be too slow.

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I like him a lot. So much I emblemed the one I got. I would like to get a dupe for ninja tower, as it is a hero that has heal boost AND deals AoE damage. Not very useful for raids, but in regular gameplay it’s valuable. And he has rad design.

Though it is me only or someone else also reads his special as ‘Angry Board’?


As a little trivia, he is actually part of “Valhalla lore”, and is a gift received by Freyr (Freya’s twin brother) from a dwarf smith, all tied in with some Loki mischievousness of course!


How many Gullinburstis do I need?

I have one maxed already and pulled a second and third in the current Valhalla portal. I wonder if it is a good idea to max the second and thord as well. I could see having two is kinda useful, but I can’t imagine a scenario where using more than 2 would make any sense.

To put that into perspective, I do not need him for war teams or raids. I have plenty of healers as well (Kunchen, Vivica, 4x CRigard, 3x CBoldtusk, 2x CKirill).

I maxed and emblemed one. I will max second when (if) I get him. Keep in mind I have Heimdall, so actually I have two heroes that boost health, but third health booster will be useful as well. Especially since Pigsy here is the rare healer that heals and does damage (on top of that his damage triggers even with dispel). Will be useful for NT.

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I have 2 Gullinbursti. One at +19 and another at +7. I use both of them in raids against purple tank and yellow tanks with 3 purple heroes. Both of them charge together and after 3 turns they do 500 to 700+ damage to each enemy. 700+ is possible if properly synced with Wilbur.

I would definitely like to have a 3rd Gullinbursti.


It’s not a percentage. It’s the actual amount of damage given. It’s great because it bypasses the enemies defensive stat.
I have him fully emblemed and he is incredible.
Breezed through the higher Ninja tower levels (before he got cursed, lol) and helped me destroy Return to Morlovia in record time! He makes your team essential indestructible by the time you reach the boss.
He eliminated the need to break out Proteus.
Poor Proteus, lol.

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Yup, I was using Heimdall and c.Kashrek for that ridiculous over heal in Valhala hard mode, but Gullinbursti is now close to be maxed and I tried Heim and him in Morlovia. Very effective, by the time I reach the bosses, the average hp of my team is around 2500. You just can’t lose.

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