Guild/Players Statistics (Titan fights & Wars)

The alliance I’m in has a website (with an alliance member section) built by our leader that tracks our war hits and titan hits in graph form. I actually find it pretty cool to see how I did in the last 50 wars/titans. It’s not necessarily used to “punish/track” members, just as a cool feature.

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I totally agree that it can be used as a positive tool in many an alliance.
However, the data can be used by more “competitive” leaders to weed out the weaker / less active members to recruit others


Dear developers,
Just keeping your attention to this topic.
It’s really easy to implement and will get a major profit to many alliances.

The most needed data:

  1. Total damage on titan
  2. Detailed list of attacks in wars

Format: text in a clipboard with some delimiters.

Community will do the rest - we’ll create ways and templates to translate raw data into graphics and average numbers.
But we REALLY need the raw data.


Dear developers,

Kindly ask you to notice this QoL request.
It’s quiet in here, but many, MANY players need this functionality.

One teeny-tiny “Copy to Clipboard” button for titan and war detailed results.
We’ll do the rest ourselves.
That’s all the community is asking for :slight_smile:

Thank you!


I also need the ability to copy attack history. It helps me to analyze the success of each player’s attacks and defenses more effectively. :pray:


we were asking for APIs for years and they don’t budge. I know it’s troublesome to add it since they need new infrastructure to serve those data…

but this is a brilliant idea. it is just a new button with 5-10 lines of code to format the text. I can’t believe they don’t even provide this!

API is not an option - it’s server-side, creates security holes and actually bad for users - very few of us can create a client-side.

So copy-paste to google sheets would be the best user scenario.

I don’t know how she does it, but our exalted leader Storm built a website for our alliance that keeps track of war hits and titan hits. I agree that it’s a really cool feature to have:

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i don’t think it would create a security hole. but I agree that it would be useless for most players.

  • an alliance leader generates a key from the alliance settings page

  • a read-only aggregated stats DB serves the API

  • there could be a public stats web interface for players

  • we can develop an open source alliance management web app that utilizes this API

anyway this would be less efficient for us all. I started one back in the day and it is now dead since my motivation and enthusiasm for the game is already gone.

but I really love the copy-stats feature. this can be implemented right now!

btw, I also want to be able to copy messages from chat screen, since we sometimes need to translate those messages

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