Guild/Players Statistics (Titan fights & Wars)

Hello guys,
I would really love to see some possibility to either:
1) Access online statistics - of players, of guilds
2) or at least having the possibility of exporting logs of Titan fights & Wars

Currently, as a guild leader, I need to manually rewrite all titan attacks/logs (which currently are even not complete - so pls fix at least this) + the same with war attacks log.
By doing this, I am able for example to monitor how fast we are killing titans, what is our damage per hour, damage per player, damage per 1 attack, I can view statistics by titan color, stars etc… I can of course check performance of my members, monitor their progression of dmg with their level, monitor how much attacks they have for each titan, if they are slacking or not… the same I do for wars.

Guys, maybe I am Analytical type of person, but believe me… this would be great if it is online directly by Dev team or at least if I can click & export complete log of Titan fight or War.

Pls vote up :slight_smile:

I support your request. Hope SG can give us access to the data.

This would be gold.

Easy to implement really. The info is already being captured in some sort of data structure. Its presented to us in the game. Converting to a csv file for export would be trivial.

I’d even settle for copy and paste at this point.

I give full support to all this :blush: for leaders/coleaders would be a huge help :blush: my eyes hurt by scrolling titan/war bars and have an idea of how titan/war hits been for players of my alliance . I suggest some kind of ranklist aswell for example best hitters in 5 titans , that would push players to stike titan more often and be more competitive than just “tickling” titan or just setting heroes for wars… i have given the idea that titan/war chests should not be random but based on player effectivity on those hits , not fair at all for example in rare titans when i come up with 400k dmg and a 4* ascending item gets in chest of a 50k dmg player…

Dear SG,
For the love God, can you please let us export the war attack Logs? Titan logs would be good also. Nothing fancy, a simple csv file will do.

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This is great idea and mist certainly useful especially for those statically minded players.

There is another question that needs addressing here though.

How long to keep logs for and should they be stored on SG’s server or instantly downloaded as a player log in your account as on their server logs kept for every player to download would take up lots of storage based on how long they are kept for.

Yes SG would have their own logs on these statistics for sure but whether it’s per game or per player is another question as the difference between the 2 is huge.

NOTE : CAPS are NOT USED as expressed ANGER or AGRESSION. They ARE USED for EMPHASIS and EYE CATCHING Purposes ONLY :smiley:
Hello ZlobrikZ :smiley: Myself and Others have been requesting this Feature For Some Time Now. My attempts have either: a) fallen upon deaf ears of SGG and their Developers, b) not enough VOTES, therefore the Great & Much Needed “Featured Idea” continues to fall between the cracks [abyss] of SGG, c) Other Alliance Leaders & Co-leaders are not like you, myself, and ALL of the others who CONTINUE on in REQUESTING THIS FEATURE.
Being the Leader/Co-founder of our Two Year Old Alliance, IT IS impossible to effectively keep an accurate “ACTIVITY LOG” ← what I refer to it as.
I did get a reply from someone at SGG. It was stated that we ‘can obtain history’ from the ‘Chat’, and ‘War’ boxes! Excuse me this? DUH!!! My thoughts are left Second Guessing in these manners: The Reply was a ‘Generic Auto Generated’ type; SGG & their Developers haven’t “Got The Memo”… yet; this Requested Idea for a Greatly Needed Feature hasn’t REACHED Out & Touched enough E&P People(s) in a Productive manner; or, SGG & Developers…". Well, you get my sentiments!
So, now my questions are; 1- HOW do WE LAUNCH this IDLE ROCKET? 2- Do we need to Present this differently? 3- If so, How?
I have Emailed Directly to “Those Who This May Concern” ← guarded reference.
Let Us Keep This Active! :wink:


Hh, you made my day bit more funny today :slight_smile: I wouldnt expect other than this kind of answer from some bottom level customer service peon that understand sh…, not the game, as he hasnt even installed it… ;))

Btw, SSG knows about this need, it was listed in their “winter summary”, they just rated it low priority… :frowning:

My “customer service answer” sentiments exactly! How can they consider this “low priority” when we, the paying customers, keep them employed?

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Yes. They’ve also closed the topic, but recently “Merged” it after my Creating it as a new Topic!
Go figure.

Hello, dear developers!

Kindly ask to implement “Copy to clipboard” button for alliance war attack history.

Hundreds of alliances keep war records, and they have to do it with a huge overhead of manual work. Transfering war log to excel sheet name by name.
We don’t expect any powerfull statistics.
It’d be great, but we can calculate it ourselves :slight_smile:
But this manual copying is just so alloying.

Come on, it’s a task for a few manhours for both a developer and a QA :slight_smile:
We really need this feature.

Thank you!


Hi @LatiyFundiy,
I really like this idea, however it was already proposed by another player:

@zephyr1 @Garanwyn merge?


Merged. Thanks! :heart_decoration:


Voted! :+1: This would be really great. If things like average titan score and average war score were available to all alliance members it would encourage some healthy competition between alliance members which would be great for all alliances to keep growing.

I would just love to be able to see the % and other info for specific members for how much they contribute to stuff, especially wars and titans. Maybe a possible X of X war flags used. And X of X Titans participated in fighting since joining.

Those 2 I would definitely like, even just for myself.

It would be good if the remaining flag count is always visible during wars so if you want to see how many flags are remaining per members then you do not have to open them one by one.
(Alternative solution: The used flag count can be visible in the top attackers list).

Currently only the total remaining flag count is visible.
Maybe the current total available points can be also visible on the same screen for the non-dead team members per alliance.

During challenge events we have the match bonus in the point calculation for levels.
As per other topics it is somehow based on the average removed stone count per move.
Maybe it would be good if this average is visible during playing challenge levels.

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Hi Devs and PO’s @SG,

Hope you had a great year and some nice cash bonus on your pay check for your great work in 2019.

I want to request a change for the war log in the next possible release cycle. Should be not a big deal to implement but will have a great value for your clients.
Here is my user story for your backlog:

As a User I want to access the offense/defense hero line up of all fights in the war-protocol so that I can see what strengths/weaknesses my and other teams have

You could hyperlink the rows (Player>50P>Player) to a Screen with similar UI then the one, where you enter the raid attack.
Data should already be in the DB at War-Defense and the object that is related to your “attack team” feature in the left corner.

I would appreciate if you could give me a short update if you build a POC on that.

Regards from Germany,

Actually if they would just make all titan and war data exportable to excel or sheets, it would save me and my coleads a butt ton of time

It’ll never happen but a guy can dream

We use Line albums and excel for all our hero/team data though and dont see a huge need to have access to all that in game


Create a link for leaders and co leaders to have results from wars and titans, trophies and leveling exported as .txt and emailed in a predictable frequency automatically so that we may track performance of alliance via functions and spreadsheets.