Guild/Players Statistics (Titan fights & Wars)


Hello guys,
I would really love to see some possibility to either:
1) Access online statistics - of players, of guilds
2) or at least having the possibility of exporting logs of Titan fights & Wars

Currently, as a guild leader, I need to manually rewrite all titan attacks/logs (which currently are even not complete - so pls fix at least this) + the same with war attacks log.
By doing this, I am able for example to monitor how fast we are killing titans, what is our damage per hour, damage per player, damage per 1 attack, I can view statistics by titan color, stars etc… I can of course check performance of my members, monitor their progression of dmg with their level, monitor how much attacks they have for each titan, if they are slacking or not… the same I do for wars.

Guys, maybe I am Analytical type of person, but believe me… this would be great if it is online directly by Dev team or at least if I can click & export complete log of Titan fight or War.

Pls vote up :slight_smile: