Guild/Players Statistics (Titan fights & Wars)

Lmao @Dudeious.Maximus, I don’t get why they want to argue? Yeah I know you want what’s in the war chest (MAYBE), then you need to use 12 flags in AW a WEEK!!! Or opt out and just hit the Titan because you know you want what’s in that chest/s (also MAYBE)


I would like to request any mechanism that will allow easy export of the Attack History list during/after the war.

The incentive is very simple: in order to analyze alliance’s war performance, we must have the list of attacks handy. I find myself spending hours hand-copying the results from the list - it’s awful!.
Even the dummiest “Select All->Copy” mechanism will be good enough.


I usually take a screenshot of the war/titan scores, run it through an OCR bot (check out Jeeves, it is an amazing bot for DIscord which has the ocr function that I use), and then copy/paste the text in a spreadsheet. It usually takes about 2-3 mins. But, ofcourse, this would definitely be a very nice feature if they implemented it but there is already an existing topic here where you can cast your vote :slight_smile:

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Hm… I note down war records down as well, so has my interest.

In addition to what ThePirateKing linked, there’s also this thread: Empires & Puzzles API
A more general approach to read only data.

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Part of our alliance’s strategy includes who attacks early and whom everyone attacks. I have been manually logging who attacks whom just to confirm that the first wave folks are hitting the appropriate targets. But, since it’s manual, it is error-prone. I’d love even the ability to copy the history and pasting it into a .txt (for the purpose of running a script against the .txt to parse out the details I want) but a clean export would be nice.

If there were a log that included a timestamp and the strength of the team at the time of attack, that would be sweet.

All too aware of the error prone recording with my spreadsheets. :laughing:

I suspect knowing the enemy attack team is probably too much, because I think there might be data privacy issues and SGG don’t want to get too tangled up in such issues. This is just my speculation though.

Well, one can write it down – the team composition and strength are on the battlefield and since the attack history includes the opponent’s team name, I can (via lookup) map a given attack to a team to strength (and composition if I were to go to the trouble of writing that down).

The enemy defence team information, yes. This is publicly available information, as it were. But not the team they use to attack you.

Snapshot of the info I gather:

Oh, yes, I would love to know the team that attacked me both in wars and in raids. I see your point.

Bringing this up. Lets make it happen SG.
This game is a data gold mine.

An export button to dump all war hits, titan hits and ‘recent activity’ would be revolutionary.
Better still, automated fortnighly email to alliance leadership.

.csv is fine, we will do the rest!

@Petri @KiraSG

In war screen you can click top right to see log of attacks. It’d be nice if that UI was more detailed and included the team the attacker used as well as state of defending team at that time which can be expanded to see results. So each attack has a pane with attacking team on left side and defending team on right side (showing stats before attack) which can then be expanded to show outcome of the attack, e.g attacking team might have lost 3 heroes and defense might have lost one.

When we look at data for who attacked who, can we get a time stamp on their attacks?

Sorry, no information about the duration of this.

Its ok… my merged post will now be lost

It has been discussed before hence the merge, also threads that are a dupe which have a vote on them the votes gets moved to that thread aswell. This thread has 35 votes this is a benfit as if sgg do look through the post the more votes the better if a change is ever going to happen. as your original post maybe gets lost in the fourm and maybe the votes on that get lost too. This way its still benfit for your cause.

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