Grimble or Domitia

Grimble or Domitia? Who would you give those first six Royal Tabbards? This is really a toss up for me… both have their advantages and disadvantages… Looking forward to any input!

Some background… I’m at the Life, the universe and everything level (42) and have only six five stars… They are Lianna (already on fourth ascension), Elena (awaiting one more Mysterious Rings set), Miki (awaiting two Farsight Telescopes DESPERATELY!), SIF (whom I’ve only had for a couple days) and the subjects of this thread… Grimble and Domitia… I need only one tabard to ascend ONE of them…

Domitia is more useful to you. She hits, dispels and gives protection against holy. Grimble is nice addition for those who already have “basic” heroes covered but as a first dark to ascend he is too niche.


Agree. I have both, Domitia would be more beneficial. Grimble is more niche, like for Christmas event or heroes that generate minions quite a bit. The only time (feel free anyone to correct me here) to use him otherwise, is color stack for his crit bonus.


In my honest opinion, I would focus on Domitia first, then Grimble.


Thanks for the responses! Domitia it will be!

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