Green Beetles are recruiting (2 spots) - 2200+ trophies, 10-12* titans, use all war flags...NO CHAT APPS!

2 spot open currently:

Current Tank = Red
Current Alliance Rank = 1405
Currently 10-12* Titans, we kill all rare titans.

28/30 members
2200 trophies required, 4000 TP Main Defense
Good mix of guys and gals of all ages, that are very respectful of each other.
We’re dedicated daily players, daily Titan hits required, all war flags must be used.
Communication in game is saved mostly for important stuff, low idle chatter = low drama.
Our turnover is very low, our members’ average length of time with this alliance is over 8 months, and the alliance has be successful for almost 2 years!

Come check us out! Bring a friend!


I see no chat apps req’d, but anyone I could talk to on Line?

what rank is your alliance currently?

Ranked 203
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We are ranked 2551 currently. We have been as low as 1500 about 2 weeks ago.

What’s you questions? I can answer them here if you’d like.

We are now full. 20 chars

I see that you just recruited one of the best from our alliance, which appears to be rather imploding. If you have another spot open, I would certainly be interested. Don’t care about the alliance ranking :slight_smile: but friendly, mature & communicative are definite plusses!

Will do!
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@Ewanmcnay - We have 1 spot open on the Green Beetles.

We have 2 spots available. Currently rolling with a red tank, but have had dark and blue tanks recently too. Will likely move to green tanks in the future with several folks having Telluria.

We have 1 spot available! Come join before the war!

2 spots still open. Search for “Green Beetles”

@pinkymadigan - Still 2 spots available. Bring a friend, let’s have some fun.

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