Gormek manna glitch

I’ve noticed this on just my Gormek I believe. He is maxed out with a few skills. Seem like I noticed that on occasion he will lose Mana points when I line up tiles. Doesn’t matter if it’s three, four, or five.

I’ve even seen situations where he should have maxed out, but then he will actually lose Mana and not have his special. Anyone else see this happening too?

Hi @BetaRayBill, welcome to the Forum!

Do you happen to know what enemies you were fighting against when you saw this happen?

If it was a Raid, you can check the team in your Watchtower.

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It happens in a variety of modes.

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I’d suggest contacting Support then with the dates/times and info on when it’s happened so they can check their logs and investigate further.

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