Google Play games Account deleted.. Any way to recover it?

I’ll take a guess that SG won’t get involved in 3rd party issues (Google or Apple). While they can, and have, restored accounts lost from their own servers, liaising with the other guys isn’t something they care to do.

A shame for @EVO, but as he says himself, be careful what you do with your account.


I actually recovered a permanently deleted account after many months. But it was due to some very strange cumul of factors.

I used some Android emulator on my PC where I logged in with my Google Account. When I deleted my game data from Google Play Games, I also deleted the emulator.

After a few months, I found a backup from my Android emulator and installed it again. Once I updated the game and all the other applications inside the emulator, I got the account recovered by simply opening the game.

I’m not sure if any other player did achieve such scenario, but this might help in case you have some old phone where you had the game installed and where you were logged in into Google.


This thread is giving me nightmares. I think I’ll stop lurking on it :open_mouth:


Sorry, but what were you thinking?

Google caches everything. I can’t delete 17 year old emails to free up space on my gmail account (18GB of email but cant’t view the deleted emails just that deleting GB’s makes zero difference to my usage stats.) so the info is somewhere. You might just need to be able to ID the deleted account and get a nice customer service person.

May Daughter was playing on my phone and she did it by just tapping tapping tapping.

Only realised later what she did.

Facebook does not save the game data… Tried that lol

Tried Everything… SG refers me to google. google refers me to SG. And both say they cant do anything about it.

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U can start playing the game from the beginning with ur daughter college fund without feeling guilty :laughing:


Exactly that… The funniest thing was Google Support telling me to contact the App Developer for GOOGLE PLAY GAMES. The funny part is that the developer for this app is… Wait for it… GOOGLE. After a 1 hour Live Chat with Google support and many frustrating efforts to explain to the agent, it ended with a “Sorry for the Inconvenience, but there is nothing we can do for you”

Even more Frustrating is explaining to SG that it is not my Google Account that is deleted( Which in any case is 100% Recoverable) or that I have forgotten my log in details to these accounts, which also are obviously recoverable. I get the same response over and over with a link attached to contact Google Support.

Anywho… I’m done with it, Its just too Damn Frustrating. I even asked SG if maybe I created a new Google account, whether they could link the game to it, because as SG confirmed, They can actually see my entire E&P Profile, Logs, Alliance Info etc etc etc. But also not possible.

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HAHAHAHA… Well now… Theres a solution !! Dont tempt me lol

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I am officially disgusted but not surprised.


It probably is possible, they just won’t, as it would violate their own T&C regarding gifting an account. You could walk into SG HQ with various photo ID and they’d still not budge.

A catch 22 of their own making in this case.

Edit: Although not an ideal way to exit Empires, especially if you were still enjoying it, but just think what you can do with all the spare time you’ve just freed up! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And there are so many simple ID verification systems out there for just about everything, At one stage Amazon, Apple and FaceBook had a verification system that allowed for third party account takeovers of Apple ID’s because they all provided a different part of a puzzle.

Verification software should have gotten better in 10 years I would have thought and SG will expend resources when feedback is potentially commercially damaging.


Im Slightly Confused and you guys are a lot smarter than me… :grin:

I just read @Petri 's Response to this.

How is this different to my problem? Yes I get it. Its a Gamecentre Account but not logged in? They can manually restore this one but not mine?

Sigh!! I give up


Petri Is a Champion.

Just to update and thank you all for your input and advise…

I Have my Account Back OH HAPPY DAY!!!

Free drinks for everyone


That’s wonderful news! So glad you kept trying and SG was able to help you.


Oh case closed then. Ur daughter college funds is save. She can be a doctor or whatever she wants to be in the future.



Very good news @EVO
I am happy that your issue resolved :slight_smile:


I’d been following your thread quietly. :sweat_smile:

Excellent news!! :+1::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Sorry but I was hoping it shouldn’t work… You had a chance at life and now it’s gone… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I tried to get access to a device where both my accounts are suspended due to violation of terms of service. My phone recognises me but takes me straight to the tutorial and there is no way to backup my google play games account and I don’t want to overwrite my account with a newbie account. The only one account that works is running on a virtual machine and it isn’t really 100% and it’s really the only one I trust not to get suspended. SG says google and apple are the ones where the block is so why does only one of three devices give me proper access to my remaining account (or any (at my level) for that matter) ? I’m scared to contact them as no mistake was involved.

Somehow telling them what actually caused the issue fell on deaf ears. Thank heavens they support people with mental illness (as dear Petri has posted here) or they might have had me shot.

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