Google Play games Account deleted.. Any way to recover it?

I have made a huge mistake apparantly and deleted My Play Games Account. Is there any way of recovering it… Or have I just force quit myself from the game???

Would be sad. Been Playing for a loooong time

Did you delete via “Manage your Google Account” or via “Manage accounts on this device”?

The first option will take you through multiple menus and is very terminal, although it does have a short window to cancel the request.

The second does what it says on the tin, and should be recoverable, (assuming you run a separate account for gaming). You’d have to go to Google main page and re-add that account to your device.

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It(Gamer Profile) was deleted from the Google Play Games app… It apparently permanently deleted all game data.

Sorry, I misunderstood. I never used that app, just the play store itself and the shortcut provided by the game.

It does sound like you’ve come unstuck though. Hopefully someone else can help. Good luck @EVO

Umm…if that’s where you deleted, it does look pretty final.


Thats Exactly the one :sob: :sob: :sob:

Oh Well… 4 years of (mostly) good times I suppose. No way in hell I am starting from scratch…

Suppose 30 Maxed 5*s Was the cap lol

Fare ye Well Then and thanks a mil for your time to try and assist @Dr-Zoidberg


Sorry you lost your account. Take care :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s only your Google play account, normally Sg should be able to recover your account.
Have you already tried writing with the Sg support?


Hope they can help you :+1:


Haven’t tried… Thought it would be a waste of time, as per their FAQ.

I am definitely sending a request to them right now. Thank you

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Do you have your account# of your Empires and Puzzles game ?
Maybe SG Support can do something if you have it.


Hi Guys… After Many frustrating conversations with (especially)Google and SGG… Just an Update and future warning… Never Ever Ever delete your Google Play Games Profile, as it CANNOT be recovered. All In-game Progress, $ spent etc etc will be lost, as is the case for me.

You have been warned lol …

Enjoy the Game guys, but that’s it for me… Over and Out !!!


May I ask why you deleted your account?

Also, I think Facebook saves your account also, but not sure as I don’t let it log in to my Facebook account

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Like @PlayForFun said, If you still have Empire Puzzle account ID somewhere, maybe screenshot, etc… you can try submit ticket support to SGG. And it can be linked to new google account. Hope so.


I agree on this… If they have the #123abc number and proof of payment, there must be some in a email sent by Google still in there inbox.
Even if the Google account has been deleted, the earlier the better there is hope on getting it back.
But if the old Google account isn’t there then that maybe the main problem…

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It’s certainly an excellent warning for the rest of us. One day I too may delete my game but I’d like it to be when I choose the timing.


I’ll take a guess that SG won’t get involved in 3rd party issues (Google or Apple). While they can, and have, restored accounts lost from their own servers, liaising with the other guys isn’t something they care to do.

A shame for @EVO, but as he says himself, be careful what you do with your account.


I actually recovered a permanently deleted account after many months. But it was due to some very strange cumul of factors.

I used some Android emulator on my PC where I logged in with my Google Account. When I deleted my game data from Google Play Games, I also deleted the emulator.

After a few months, I found a backup from my Android emulator and installed it again. Once I updated the game and all the other applications inside the emulator, I got the account recovered by simply opening the game.

I’m not sure if any other player did achieve such scenario, but this might help in case you have some old phone where you had the game installed and where you were logged in into Google.


This thread is giving me nightmares. I think I’ll stop lurking on it :open_mouth:


Sorry, but what were you thinking?

Google caches everything. I can’t delete 17 year old emails to free up space on my gmail account (18GB of email but cant’t view the deleted emails just that deleting GB’s makes zero difference to my usage stats.) so the info is somewhere. You might just need to be able to ID the deleted account and get a nice customer service person.

May Daughter was playing on my phone and she did it by just tapping tapping tapping.

Only realised later what she did.

Facebook does not save the game data… Tried that lol

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