Global chat improvements

Awesome!!! Lol love it.


Personally I had no problem with players getting banned, if they deserved it, and there were plenty that did. I think the problem lies not with the reporting, but with whatever process lies beyond that to start the ban. Is it a human reviewing the report? Is it an algorithm?

There must be something there that puts the reported comment into some context, otherwise every single post could conceivably be reported and receive a ban.

Another problem with the so called “perma-ban” is that in reality it does nothing of the sort. The player affected merely starts a new account, rejoins the chat and continues with their trolling, or whatever gets them off.

GC and the other rooms really are a hot mess. Quite how to resolve the problem shouldn’t fall on the player base to decide.


Duh, I had to change it after that! :joy: :wink:


I almost never touch global chat myself… I did once early on in the game, when I was newb and clueless and trying to figure out why I was being raided by all these higher level teams when I had just barely started the game.

That’s actually where I ended up getting recruited to my first alliance. It wasn’t from a recruitment banner spam ad though, I despise those. It was the leader himself who called me out personally, and told me that I needed an alliance to help me, and he promised that his group was a perfect place to get started. He wasn’t lying; they did help me learn and grow quite a bit in the beginning, until the original leader left and it became a mess after that.

The rest of the chat though was just… ugh. Lots of graphic adult talk (which I have nothing against when it’s in an appropriate forum, GAME CHAT is not the place for that)… lots of people insulting each other, calling players out by name and telling other alliances to blacklist them… TONS of spam recruitment ads… and not a single moderator in sight. Total anarchy at a rate of about 10 posts per second, I don’t even know how anyone can read all of that without having an epileptic seizure.

My apologies! :grin: I could edit the post to call them “Lightning Pegasus” or something instead…

… or did you already change your alliance name to that?


One thing that annoys me is people entering an english speaking chatroom, and speaking in non english


There certainly have been players that deserved a chatban. And there are players you have received a chatban undeservedly. And I have it from a trusted source that specific temporary bans have been issued for reports on a post of “<3”, and similar messages. Other bans have been imposed simply because a message containing true content was reported repeatedly (is that reference vague enough?).

If friendly, generally-accepted social greetings in a font-based medium, publicly-acknowledged accounts of events told by persons acting with honesty and a clear conscience, and the most horrible, hateful, extreme posts in the history of E&P are ALL lumped together as being ban-worthy, then I would hope that chatbans are imposed only as a result of mathematic functions, rather than as the action of a perceiving sentient agent. I could be wrong, here, but I’d wager it’s based on mathematical logic – once it’s set up, it maintains and operates itself (COST! SAVINGS!!).

I simply think that we, the players, both can and should do a better job of regulating ourselves. Depending upon a system or methodology that either cannot or will not discern among camaraderie, open discussion, needless vitriol, and utter foolishness mostly goes to show how lazy we are. But it doesn’t speak well that someone or someones thought such a means would be sufficient, either.

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That is annoying, yes, but I also feel bad for them at the same time. It’s not their fault that English is not their native language, nor is it their fault that English is the default language for the game. In those cases, I don’t think flags and chat bans are necessary. They just need someone to direct them to the appropriate channel. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is unfortunately a very real problem. There are people all over the internet who post only for the purpose of being cruel, trolling, abusive, etc. on purpose because they either think it’s funny, or because they are just evil people in general. Far to many websites and such let those types get away with it because they don’t have proper moderation protocols in place to prevent it.

On the other extreme end, you have forums and such where members and moderators regularly abuse the report functions simply to silence people they disagree with, even when those people weren’t breaking any rules at all.

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