Global chat improvements

Unlimited blocks.

Scrap the report option.

If SGG can’t review reports and apply human intellect and perception to that task, then chatbans should be excised from the game forthwith. Let them keep their ridiculous, overbearing, and completely incomprehensible censorship system in place – not cool, but fine: I don’t want minors to be traumatized, either. But robo-bans are unacceptable.

Till then – don’t post recruitment ads outside of Alliance Recruitment!


Yes… yes and yes… game is rated mature … leave the censor. But stop the bullying and banning it’s really really not needed. Block works… block… works

Just remove the ban option… problem solved

It’s rated E for everyone 10+…

Hmm iphone has it the same as a rated pg 13 movie … which is kinda hard to pull off rated pg-13 with the chat censor (which I like actually

I can’t get the picture to show but it says 12+

Maybe change the age then? I dunno. Thanks aeryn

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I guess I should have specified, Android says 10+.

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From what I’ve seen in AR is players complaining when members post recruitment ads. I’ve noticed when they are criticised, and when they mention their confusion, they are often mocked and ridiculed.

I’m confused as well. Isn’t AR supposed to be for recruiting?

Read it again:

Don’t post recruitment ads outside of Alliance Recruitment.

It is a personal pet peeve of mine which: 1) violates the specifics of the SGG ToS, 2) interrupts the flow of actual conversations when posted outside the bounds of Alliance Recruitment, and 3) prompts me to smash that “report” button with extreme prejudice, citing ‘Inappropriate’.

-----Use recruitment ads. But use them where they’re permitted.-----

And that recommendation was merely supplementary to my words concerning chatbans.

My comment is accurate. I’ve seen lots of members complaining about ads in AR. Either because they were posted too frequently, were too large, or simply because there were so many ads (especially after wars), and members felt it was interrupting their chat.

I never wanted to start an argument so I never bothered questioning why players were so upset when alliances were clearly recruiting in AR.

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Boy, I do not miss global chat at all.

People in AR chat want to have personal conversations, when AR is supposed to be about… surprise surprise, Alliance Recruitment.

People spamming global chat with AR ads because… well nobody in the AR chat is taking the bait.

Then there is lots of “adult” content, which I don’t have a problem with personally, but I get rather annoyed at the mixed messages this game sends…

  • it’s a family game
  • oh well kids should not be doing summons, you have to be 18 to do those!
  • please don’t use adult language
  • but we’re all adults here



Since your post quoted/replied to my message from before, I thought that you were speaking to the content of my post. I was confused initially, but now I have a little more clarity.

It seems you’re talking about matters within the Alliance Recruitment chatroom(s). I was referring to matters outside Alliance Recruitment chats.

But I can certainly see why people wouldn’t want to see recruitment ads at all, anywhere. We pay for streaming services in order to bypass dealing with commercials, correct? But I think the difference is that the language of the Terms of Service specifically prohibits recruitment ads outside of AR – so if a premade wall-of-text “commercial” is what someone uses to draw people to their alliance, AR is the only place for it, technically. Unfortunately, that has yet to keep recruitment posts out of 20+ or Peer Support.

But I now think I understand why you replied with what you did; we’re each merely remarking upon the unpopularity of recruitment ads.


Having done my fair share of recruiting in the past, my sympathies lie with the recruiters. It’s a soul-sucking job and I commend them for trying everything allowed to get their messages out there.


I feel your pain, but also at the same time, I hate recruitment spam ads. I don’t think that’s an effective way to recruit people at all. At least not good people. Spam posts are generally just annoying, in any chat or forum medium.


I’ve done plenty of recruiting, too. And I quit doing that. Well, at least with ads, anyway. And for exactly the reason you cited: it’s “soul-sucking”.

Seems to me that that common sentiment means there’s a better way to bring people together in an alliance than canned posts.

And is it just me, or are the ones promising cake and doughnuts the most annoying? ROFL. I like pastries; I’m still waiting on a few.


Off topic: @princess1 It seems that wherever I’ve been, recruitment is almost always “left” to a small number of players in an alliance. I get it, most players don’t want to do the task.

I can see why some players would like to see just recruitment going on in AR, but having used AR to recruitment before, it’s nice to chat with other recruiters, and it can help you to recruit at the same time!

On topic: @SyrusTerrigan I suppose most players just don’t bother with the SGG ToS.

I’m going to leave this reply with only the above. :slightly_smiling_face:


:rofl: I just find those promises silly. The most annoying ads are the ones taking up a huge amount of space, and use awful colours IMO.


DISCLAIMER: I apologize in advance if your alliance name happens to be Thunder Unicorns. The following post is not meant to target any actual real existing alliance. :slightly_smiling_face:


i believed you. I could have looked up Android sorry for that.

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*changes alliance name from Thunder Unicorns to Thunder Kittens



Thanks for that @TGW!

You made me curious so I checked. There’s currently no alliance in Empires called Thunder Unicorns. :+1::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


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