Glenda – 5* Ice/ Blue - November 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

hi @milkyjoe001

I have merged your thread to one which already discusses & answers you question quite comprehensively.

Please see my comments up Here and Here for the maths on how Glenda’s Buff works & compares it to the other forms of damage boosting (attack up and defence down).

So using Glenda with Vela is better than Frida & Frida is better to be used with Glenda than Fenrir. I suppose Glenda wud take Vela back to pre-nerf days maybe? Am I understanding that correctly?

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Also, What are the calculation changes they are thinking of implying?

I wish this is the way heroes actions whenever they are hitting!!

Glenda increases direct dmg, but not damage over time (Velas water dmg)

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