📕 Gestalt – 5* Fire / Red from Untold Tales

Wish we could trade… but no $ in it…good luck getting Thalassa…she’s awesome!

Really @Ripobin_The_First… no need for the po-po … at least not yet :rofl::rofl:

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I got Thalassa with 2 summons (which is great) but I wanted him like crazy! wish we could exchange :')

It’s not the alfrike style cubes I was hoping for.
Packs a punch, but looks so lame :unamused:

If it’s any consolation, he’s actively avoiding me too so far! Meanwhile, Ultrox won’t stop to leave me alone. I’ll do a full summary at the end of the portal, but so far… I’ve had: Galapago, Ephyra, Persa (I wanted her), and 2x Ultrox.

I have a budget though, and trying to avoid using gems here at least (I have other plans for those), but if he isn’t going to join me here then i’m starting to think it’s probably a sign…

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I have to agree and it’s something I had noticed as well but I wasn’t sure if maybe it was a “position on the battlefield” thing or not - no, no, turns out that he’s just a small fish craving big power AKA the Napoleon of the seas? :rofl:

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He looks so underwhelmingly short in the portal :rofl:

Used Gestalt with Ludwig and Darkfeather to wrap up with Untold Tales. Added in Hathor and Toxicandra. Between shorties DD and cube replacements. Final boss went very quick and quicker then expected.

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We still have time … this morning I got Sartana on the very first pull…then closed the portal :roll_eyes:
Congratulations on Persa!

her card is so complicated I can’t tell if she’s utterly fabulous or just “good on paper” :wink:

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Any chance you could show me the path you took so I can follow this please?

just full attack:

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Gestalt is absolutely King of the Tower

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Same for me. He destroyed the last 20 levels

Just got him with my “finishing” coins from Untold Tales.


Me too, just got it!
So Happy because Red is m’y weakest color


After avoiding me for ages: Finally!


After a few day of test with my brand new (Not Fully leveled) Gestalt, I understood that he is even better than what I Thought !

  1. defense down is Not classical déf down, so it’s fit with another normal defense debuff. I tested him with Santa C. They put -75% déf to opponent!!!

  2. The Small ? At the end of description explain that when a cube is replaced by another cube, it explose and Make damage ( Max 2x /turn)

That means that a taunt which take 5 cubes take 900 fixed damage + 5x350% . I don’t know If the déf debuff happen at the end or After 1st cube, but what I know is that even a full life Ludwig is Not surviving (even with is +84% déf)

Here on difficult Level, Gestalt is at 4/65, is hit before another, the 2 boss was full life and had no debuff.
They took more than 1000 and 2000 damage in 1 hit

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He’s great for taunt busting. Phorcys can withstand but typically not all 5 cubes! That’s if he survives Gestalt’s overhauling. I’ll give credit to Black Knights ‘just a scratch’ making him perhaps the best taunt type hero against random hitters. Charging Gestalt and then triggering the other teams taunt is a lot of fun!


Just got him, I’m so happy :smiley:
Gonna level him asap, I even have the mats to lb him, and can’t wait to use him. Finally a decent hero, just when I was thinking to quit the game, so I guess I’ll keep playing. It might sound silly, but this pull really made my day :partying_face:


Has anyone noted if when the cubes are cleansed in equalizer war if the opponent gets the negative effects? Or is everything cleaned away


whythe firsthit is only two random hits instead of 3 ?