📕 Gestalt – 5* Fire / Red from Untold Tales

I wouldn’t be so harsh in judging him, but I will remind everyone

Quick: critical or Mana @ Talent grid #19?

@McFred - Mana. It’s only 2% and alot better then a chance % of critical

Thank you with 20 chars

I see most people chose sword path as the way to go with Gestalt, which surprises me. Doesnt it make more sense to go shield/health to give more opportunities to send his cubes out?

Disregard above post. I see clerics mostly have shield and sword nodes together on the same trees, so that makes sense to go sword and shield.

He’s good base HP. Did end up going all attack and shield on the path. His base attack is a little on the low side by today’s standards. So trying to maximize that cubes direct damage. 1200atk with LB2 is max and is good but still. Added defense with lvl90 helps keeping him upright

For curiosity sake. Anna-Belles cleanse will trigger the cubes mana generation ailment. Tested on a boss wave and did pull up the -54% mana generation

Hi all, I just finish to level that fishboy… And now I’m on the answer if I must break, only got 5 fire éter, or just wait for use on Hohenwerf cause I’ve got Barkley.
That’s my fire roster.

Thanks on advance.

uhm…don’t forget his 300% to 3 / 350% to 5 Damage :kissing_heart:

@Mestre. Gestalts up to date between his stats and passives. His 5 cubes for 350 @ random. Hohenwerfs nice but a bit dated. Then if you have Waddles? Gestalt’s a little more future proof.imho

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This is not a simple question at all, it depends on what mana generation bonus his troops will give him. You just need to calculate whether these 2% will make any difference in the number of bricks needed to launch the special skill… :thinking:

In fact, the pair of Gestalt and Barkley may be too random and awkward in offense (because they would be great in defense). Hohenwerf combines two very important features, stone skin and mana control, and I would choose him if I was thinking about attacking.
…but I wouldn’t forget about this hero:

dispell BEFORE hitting is really valuable. Apart from that, the other versions (minions killer or DD) are also useful :wink:


Got me doble 5* feature :grin:


Congrats on your pulls! Nice when that happens! Gestalt’s an animal!


I tried again for this guy and he’s featured…got ultrox, kahgen, domitia, Vivica and 3x HotM…this guy is avoiding me so I suppose I should just give up before I get accused of stalking … :rofl:


Sorry, got your copy. I actually wanted thalassa


Is it me or does gestalt looks really small? He just looks really petite, I thought he would be the size of about phorcys


Hey! Not you again! (He’ll say). Gestalt of here before I call the po-leese.


That’s why he’s got those nasty cubes. Defence mechanism against people who point and laugh.

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