📕 Gestalt – 5* Fire / Red from Untold Tales

Everything is correct. The first shot hit three different targets:

  1. Lewena dodged (buff from Hanitra), so she didn’t take any damage.
  2. Hanitra was hit, but as a monk she resisted the effect, so she only took damage.
  3. Freya was hit and killed.

Incredible luck here:

Had 900+ Untold coins. Did my pulls and got Gestalt. Thrilled.

A few days later was up to 100 coins after drops in chests. Did another pull. Bonus chest had over 200 coins. Who do I get with those coins? Another Gestalt.

Of course, by the time I can start on a second Gestalt, I’ll surely have other heroees I “need” to max, but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to see more five stars for a while now.

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Unfortunately, the curse simply disappears and has no negative effect on mana regeneration… :confused:
I checked it in the war that just ended, so I’m sure.


I had a feeling thats what happens , thanks for the info


the only hero I have ever chased and still cant get him! I did 50-60 pulls each one of the three times he was featured…I got Thalassa ans Phorcys instead (for which I dont have enough material to max yet) but never him…Atlantis seems really hard to give heroes! then I did only one summon in costumes and got Vivica ×3 and another one this time and got Obacan x3 :')

But noo, Gestalt won’t come even after 180 pulls :sob:

I feel your pain… I lost track of how many pulls I did chasing for him over the 3 times he was featured…

But when I walked away with 5 Ultrox, 2 Thalassa, 2 Galapago, 1 Persa, 1 Phorcys, 2 Emphyra, and a couple of S1 tghat have been fed into the void…

Of course it wasn’t until my last pull, on the last day, that he finally showed up for me :sweat_smile:


He is hands down amazing. One of the few heroes that instantly improves your account by a mile because you can basically use him everywhere and he always hits like a truck.

BTW if you own a ludwig and a phenexa you can create one of the most fun loops currently existing in the game. Attack boosted Gestalt who just keeps on firing cubes.


I run him with Ludwig,Darkfeather,Hathor and Toxicandra. Then we go farming 8-7! :wink:

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He reminds me of when I’d first picked up Gravemaker when he was released. Changed up my game.

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Exactly, I got him with m’y 3pulls I got when I finished easy levels.

I think it was 3 weeks ago. It changed evrything in the game for me… Everything seems so easy now.
Before, red was m’y weakest color, now it’s the strongest!

I love him, he’ll probably my 1st 2LB 5* hero

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Back in the day during the hype of season 2, I had a tough time getting the hero Tarlak. No matter how many pulls I did, I just couldn’t get him. Finally, I got lucky with FS and managed to get him. It felt like if he ever appeared in my summon portal, the game would have played a trick on me, saying “April Fools” even though it wasn’t even April.

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This hero is beyond broken because of the “magma cube replace by another damage” part. This should be removed.

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He’s really not that broken as his cubes actually could be resisted quite easily. The cubes are a bundled effect which means that if the target has a passive that resists one of the ailments, it resists the entire cube effect.


Use immunity and you do not have worries about cubes :slight_smile:

so that’s why he’s in almost all top defenses.

Magma cube explode damage is fine but replace damage is not since he can hit same target multiple times.

Magma cube replace damage would be strong but ok if he casts skill again.

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Everyone may have a different opinion, so I will also express mine… Note that if each cube hits a different target, the entire team has lower defense (it stacks with other DDs), so when two of them hit the same target, you lose quite a lot… The game makes up for this loss with dice explosions, and I think that’s fair.
If the cubes didn’t explode immediately, Gestalt would probably be a “hit all” hero, not a “hit 5” hero.

Happy Gaming :slight_smile:

You using part of my line as your argument. Mine is about how the cubes could be resisted, nothing to do with top 100

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He’s not that broken because x y z yet he’s almost in all top defense.

He can kill a taunted Ludwig (with that 84% defense) from full HP (or most other heroes) at fast mana. Definitely not op.

I’m at point A, you’re at point B. My point still stands, as long as something resists the cubes, he couldn’t really do much. Even a simple DD resist passive can negate his cubes. This is coming from someone who has 2 gestalts. If I don’t have the tiles or the defence has ways to block his cubes, my gestalts are pretty much dead weight in my team


Sometimes defense can also reflect cubes (like other cleansable ailments).
Moreover, his first shot is much weaker than many currently available heroes, and only with subsequent shots does Gestalt become really dangerous… And many times he may simply run out of time for it.
I don’t have many heroes (especially new ones), and yet Gestalt often doesn’t fit into my team. That’s why he’s definitely not OP.

The fact that fighting taunters is his greatest strength does not mean that he is OP in any way. And is Grimble being able to destroy a whole horde of minions and recharge the entire team also OP? (I know, I’ve already given this comparison to someone once)
Just because a hero is very good at something specific doesn’t make him OP :wink:

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