Gem Buyer Shaming

Sometimes I’m able to buys Gems and other great offers to enjoy the game and other times I’m a Crafting and Upgrading Beast…I couldn’t find a Topic of ; Empires & Puzzles for Dummies to go by when I first started so I relied on my Alliance for guidance but, sometimes the Gaming Language was so confusing I made huge mistakes…like loosing Brienne because I didn’t have her as a favorite and every since I lost her, my Roster has taken a hard hit…but when I had her and I was celebrating great Titan hits …people would shame me because I purchased Gems and I didn’t get her by crafting . It seems as if you don’t get item’s free…Youre are labeled as a terrible gamer or a Cheater…which kinda sucks. I can’t always afford it but , when I can I will…Let me say this!! I’m not the greatest Gamer by far and I Love this game because it has helped me with Brain Memory after suffering from Meningitis 3 times…(Yes, I’m considered as a Medical Miracle)
I refuse to allow Experience Gamers To Shame Me!!! For spending money on Gems.

Thank you Empires & Puzzles


Don’t worry about what others thinks and says. Everyone is spending to get the edge, and if they don’t then they can’t afford it and are jealous. I have a feeling they doing the same, but saying something different. Just because you probably have a hero that they was going after and couldn’t get. In any case, just don’t bother with such people, if they refuse to drop this nonsense.

You spend money on what makes you happy, and entertains you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Take a look at the leaderboard. See all those 5* heroes at full ascension? All those 4* troops at double-digit levels? Those teams didn’t get there solely from training camps and farming; there was some cold hard cash in non-trivial quantities to create those teams. Hundreds, thousands of dollars/euros/pounds.

Developers have families to feed and bills to pay. They spend their days making a game I enjoy. I’m willing to pay a portion of my entertainment budget to keep this game going, and to help me build a team that I enjoy playing.


I think the folks who feel most bitter are the folks who feel most robbed, those who are not as affluent but who nevertheless save a bit of money to get something in game—$20 or $50 can be a lot for many people—and yet have the misfortune of getting little if not nothing for their sacrifice. It’d be nice if 1) people had a better idea their odds of getting something useful and 2) there was something done to better guarantee a return on investment.

I understand and appreciate those with the deep pockets to invest in the game, but also, the very real frustration many casual or less affluent players face when staring at the wall.

C’est la vie, I suppose.

In any case, I am glad the game exists and that it can be enjoyed by so many.


I fully agree with the members posting above me.

My advice:
If those jealous haters are in your alliance, then run, don’t walk, to the recruiting chat and find another alliance full of nice, supportive people.

Life is too short to spend it with haters.

And, as was already pointed out, the developers at SG have families to support and bills to pay. What exactly should be wrong with paying them some money for their work, which we all enjoy?


I do not know your level. But there are alliances especially for beginners, which offer help, advice and guidance. And who would not think of sneering at you if you wish to grow in the game.

Do not join the beginners alliance led by, e g., a level 6 and containing 2 people. Dead end.

Instead, join an alliance advertised as one to help beginners, led by a somewhat higher level, and quite well filled. That is the way to go

Good luck and happy Gaming!


Most people spend money, so no shame to have here :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Forum! Both spenders and free players are welcome to play the game. I like your attitude! May you get another Brienne, and any other hero you are searching for! :wink:


Basically what Anja said. You’re the first person I’ve seen in these forums/game to bring up this issue. You must have found a really weird alliance full of odd ducks, just peace out and go elsewhere to enjoy the game.


+1 to that. Finding a good alliance really adds a lot of enjoyment.

@Cpt.Ahab Couldn’t agree more - for casual/low spenders it’s worse to spend and not get value, but apparently I was shouted down and told that guaranteeing value for $ spent would destroy the F2P players’ wills to live and they would all immediately quit.


I really like the big spenders in my alliance. They have a strong team faster and can do more damage on the titans, which is good for our alliance. They might buy flasks too, which is also handy.
Still, they have to be good at playing too, because with great heroes you still can do bad titan hits, certain 4s are way more valuable on titans than 5s (Wu Kong, Boldtusk, Grimm/Tib/Gormek).

So, I agree with the rest, if your alliance members are that jealous, find a better alliance :wink:


While i agree with everyone else that all people must play the way they want (so if your wallet allow you to do even great purchase, do it if thats is what you desire) i have to say that i don’t like some big spenders behaviour in some alliances.

Some of them in fact tend to emphatized their great heroes and/or the fact they have a great luck and lying on the quantity they really spend, pushing F2P player to spend and not having nothing, or mocking their poor heroes.

I don’t know if thats the case and i’m not saying you are like this, but just considering that there are some occurance where the blame are not only on this “envious” people.

All of us, spenders or not, have to be respectful and just accept players for what they are.

Persons with different lifes and different goals.



You may have a point, in general, and I can agree with you, in general.

To my mind, it all depends on the alliance. And the personality of the leader, the leadership team, and the members.

Any alliance leadership that tolerates open hostility and hate, on the one hand, or shameless bragging and boasting, on the other hand, is not doing their job. Pure and simple. It is called “leadership” and not “sitting idly by while people antagonize each other”. Period.

As a money player myself, in an alliance with money players and F2P players, I know that it is a good idea to be modest, friendly and helpful. (in short: to be myself :wink: ). And serious in-depth discussions between two money players belong in line chat … one on one … and not in alliance chat.

The role of a money player in a “mixed” alliance needs … hm … a little caution: Your titan damage is gladly accepted, your cups are gladly accepted, your ability to use a flask (if the leadership agrees) and save a titan victory …all that is gladly accepted. But do remain modest. Never boast, never brag. And it does help to have a personality to suit the role :wink:

But I digress …

In the OP’s case, I am still convinced that it is jealousy and hate on the part of those other alliance members.


  1. I have met nasty, jealous haters before, in another game.
  2. Brienne is a 3* hero, for crying out loud. It is not as if OP had bragged about having 3 Liannas :wink:

As a 58 year old woman, I must register my dissent.

I understand that all you young guys are into peace and love, but speaking for we stronger, more feminine types I have to say that I love hostility, hate, bragging and boasting. I guess it’s just about having some perspective on life, right? :grinning:

Still, I do agree, as an F2P player, that spenders deserve respect. They pay for me. I love them. :heart_eyes:


The objective is to have fun however you choose to accomplish that. I also want to say way to overcome the complications of meningitis. I had encephalitis and loss a bit of feeling in my legs. Scary stuff. Take care!


Agreed, there’s no place for being an a*******, though sadly with any large enough group of people, you’ll have many of those. I’ve been lucky to be in 5 different alliances across 2 accounts and not have to deal with a single a-hole yet. One annoying passive aggressive instigator, but he was moved out (good leadership, yay!).


…58 years young…


Brobb are you stretching the truth? :wink:


You think I’m older than I look?


Now that’s a loaded question :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: