Gamebreaking flaw in Alliance Wars discovered!



you forgot… Basement cat


I don’t play them anymore WAY UNTIL FAIR


(I have an extensive Basement Cat collection…) :grin:


Sadly this issue has been around a lot longer then you would possibly believe. I actually noticed small hints that this was happening all the way back to the first war. Thanks for letting the @Rook out of the bag you single handedly killed the game. @Bertus if you are going to put a number out there like half or 50% you should do some research first. It happens 52% of the time. May not seem like a big difference but with as many Alliances as there are 2% is a big number. I really feel like you are trolling with these MADE UP NUMBERS!!!


I believe any such figure would have a statistical tolerance of +/-2%

Everyone knows that (98-102% of everyone)


Did you know that 83,7215% of all statistics are made up out of random numbers?


U mad bro?

20 need moar chars.


After yesterday’s BBQ I think there’s actually 104% of me. Your numbers are false. XD

  1. That’s the answer you were looking for. You end your sentence with a question mark, this means you have a question. This is the answer. I know your question was rhetorical. That is irrelevant. I’m referring to the question behind the question. The answer to that question? 42.