Gamebreaking flaw in Alliance Wars discovered!

Brace for this one: Alliance Wars has the biggest flaw! It’s a flaw so big, it actually affects 50% of all players!!!one1eleven!

I’ve found out that -=< HALF >=- the participating alliances LOSE their wars.

This means when the war is over, half the alliances are probably unhappy!!!

SG? @mhalttu, you are my only hope? Can you fix this?

:wink: :stuck_out_tongue: (because Poe’s Law of the Internet)


I noticed that too, maybe boycott AW until they fix it?


Yeah! Let’s boycott AW until the chance to lose is made way, way less than 50%!!! :rofl:


Brutal :grimacing:

20 characters

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Ps. They should maybe try to win vs AIs with their same defense & rooster?
Then the complain will be that themself were too much powerful! :joy:


I thought it was only with us. Why can’t we win when we lose? That’s unfair. We never won a war we lost, plz nerf.


How about this for an idea - 1% chance of a civil war!

Alliance is split in half, even number players Vs odd.

Then your alliance can win and lose at the same time :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Also, like your new avatar @Almeida. Hope it wasn’t too expensive :joy:


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Bwaahaahaa :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
20 characters

Normally, because of terrible matching I get to complain in advance that we are going to lose. This war we are fairly balanced (yay), so now I have to wait until it’s actually over to see if we lose before I can complain about it being unfair :wink: it makes for a nice change.

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2nd AW after patch we get punching bags = not accepted

8 wars before patch we were punching bags = not accepted

Chance for fair matching 0% = not accepted



Although i am sure there are some people who are going to whine no matter what :joy:, I do believe there is a real issue to be solved here with regards to the matchmaking.

We seem to be stuck in a state of being matched with alliances that are stronger than us in score. Not by a ton (certainly not as drastic as some of the others that have posted), but enough that we become punching bags by the second half of the war. We still give it our all, mind you, but if we’re constantly fighting stronger groups,i have to wonder what it takes to get matched up with a weaker alliance just for once? Meh

Also, props to the Metalocolalypse reference up above :sunglasses:


Warning: any seriousness in this thread is considered off topic from this point on. There are other threads for that.

However, in the spirit of this thread, I shall not report you for it, nor ask @Rook to move the post, but ridicule you instead by treating it as a joke. Muhahahaha! (evil villain laughter).

And be aware, if you think I have: no, I have not reached the lower limits of how lame my jokes can get. I’m a middle aged dad from Holland (and I could stop right there, but for those unacquainted with the Dutch I’ll proceed). You should fear how lame my jokes can get. I’m notorious at work - among other Dutch. My wife barely handles them. I am one of the very few men on this planet who is 100% sure his kids are in fact his own: my kids find my jokes truly funny, which is only because they share 50% of their genes with me. No other possibility.


What…aren’t you going to complain when you win? :grin:

If it’s unfair when 50% of the game population loses, surely the argument can be made that it’s ALSO unfair when 50% wins…unfair all the time! (I smell boycott…) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks, it cost 20 dollars actually. A friend of mine draws. I’m a Pokémon Professor (meaning I organize real life Pokémon tournaments) and wanted something cartoonish to decorate my ad fliers.

Another question! What happens if both Alliances get exactly the same points? Draw?

I would like to see what the loot is like if this happens…we came close once (lost by 4 points), and I’m sure other wars have seen even closer scores.

Do both alliances get the winner’s share of the loot? Or is a banner and practice sword for all? Maybe both sides get a commemorative “That’s Brutal” avatar?


Not first hand experience, but I remember someone reporting a draw - and they got “loser” loot tier… :thinking:

Edit: draw with screenshot

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Hummm! 2 alliances fight against each other! So, one on two win, right? 50% then! Where is the real problem?

It’s just more fun to fight a close, challenging match and lose to a worthy opponent. I think that’s what most alliances are saying. Even the winners of badly mis-matched battles aren’t enjoying slaughtering the opponent.

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