GalacticEmpireRebelScums is recruiting - Enlist and join us!

Who We Are:

  • List item: International English speaking alliance

  • List item: Casual competitive alliance where war is optional but if opted in must use all flags but hitting titan daily is a must

  • List item: We are not military (thus no line ID) so you just play the game and relax but we encourage discussion on how to improve in the game and learn from each other in the chat.

  • List item: We are friendly bunch and like to joke around with topics such as movies, sports, etc.

What We Are Looking For:

  • List item: Minimum requirements are 2200 trophies and team defense power of 4200. Have depth for war (your 6th team should be at least 4* heroes with some emblems).

  • List item: We are primarily “Yellow” tank defense with some of using “Green” if they have (Telluria, Heimdall or Frigg with lots of emblems).

  • List item: If you are strong player with a team first mentality can promote to leadership status

Come join us “GalacticEmpireRebelScums” today and may the Force (tiles) be with you…

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