Frigg needs a big nerf

If an overpowered hero comes out that completely upsets the balance there’s 2 outcomes.

  • You nerf that hero and upset those who pulled them

  • You don’t nerf them… Meaning most heroes prior to that one have in effect been given a stealth nerf just by the new heroes existence

Power creep is going to happen, most will accept that.

However, the speed and degree of power creep in the last year has been staggering and if it continues the game won’t survive as few people can afford to keep up.

Season 1 heroes were still viable through almost the whole of Season 2 and the HOTM’s that came out during the first 3 years.

Yes, they did lose ground gradually but you really only had Gravemaker and Guinevere who massively upset the balance overnight.

Season 3 saw a much bigger creep but costumes managed to bring it back to a somewhat acceptable level.

The last year though has seen the likes of Finley, Jabberwocky, the GTV fiasco, Odin/Frigg and the ninjas completely transform the game.

All S1 heroes(even with costumes), along with most S2 and first 20 odd HOTM’s are now pretty much redundant.

The new villain event and S4 heroes seem to show that is only going to continue.

Instead of seeing heroes slowly being replaced and superseded over time, we’re instead seeing team lineups needing to be completely replaced every couple of months.

The cost, time and effort involved in that is just driving everyone apart from the whales away.

A hero I got 3 years ago being essentially useless now isn’t unreasonable but to have almost half the heroes I got barely a year ago being completely outclassed so quickly is unreasonable.


Season 1 heroes, this many years into the game, are simply not designed or expected to compete at the top.

You think the 2005 Toyota Corolla is going to be on par with the new Supra? Of course not. You think the iPhone 4 is going to take pictures as good as the new iPhone 12? Of course not.

Every business is in the business of increasing the quality and performance of new products, which phases out the older ones, to a degree.

The game is 100% playable with s1 heroes but there’s a strong sense of entitlement to think any roster should be able to beat any roster.


I did say S1 heroes are not good enough now and that was reasonable after 3 years(albeit begrudgingly so)

My main concern is that heroes I got in the last year have been totally superseded already.

Power creep is a fact of life but that power creep is accelerating at an alarming and unsustainable rate in the last 6 months

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Which heroes did you get in the last year that are superseded already?

And, we can’t factor s4 and Villains into the conversation because not only are they not released, they’ve only gone through a single round of beta. S3 heroes are pretty reasonable now but the first drafts of realm bonuses in beta were totally over the top OP.

The last 12 months is riddled with OP heroes in beta that end up being released much tamer. Qualms about balance can’t be had against projected heroes—we need to deal in hard facts.

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In my opinion.
Empires and Puzzles is the product.
And it’s quality/performance has a linear relationship to balance. And when balance takes a back seat, so does the quality of this game…

When everyone is driving the new Supra… the game is a snooze:

And not all players who drove last summer’s Supra agreed that the experience was enjoyable and sided with balance. Unfortunately, most of them tired out and left.

Because the loudest solution is stronger, shiny new toys. Instead of unique and fresh new content. That’s actually balanced, such as Myztero. Who isn’t balanced…

Comparing heroes to cars has always been festive. But unique skills will make money also. While your super creep business model is cancerous!

Sure… S1’s without costumes are playable, but on a competitive level? I’m not playing with strictly costumeless S1’s and I know your not either @Mr.Spock. But it’s not difficult to imagine the enjoyment factor limiting, for those that are. And if the trend continues?! What’s next? Will you being saying the same thing about S2 heroes this time next year?

And on the other end… when all the wars and raids were the same… the enjoyment factor was gross… moldy…

Super creeps are, in my opinion, pure laziness! And a poor direction for the game.


What’s your solution then? Sounds like the easier-said-than-done approach.

They could start with granting an overall stats balance across all heroes and perform a special skill’s effect/speed buff/rework to underwhelming ones, implementing these changes for few heroes each month where a special reword is needed, to not rush things.

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QoH was replaced by BK real quick.
Finley complete outclasses Misandra.
C.Kadilen laughs in Inari’s face.
Original Vela outclassed Zeline.
Odin outclasses Ariel (with the mana gen)
Freya and Bera outclass every minion summoner.
Garnet and Vanda outclass Grazul.

There are many more circumstances of this and they aren’t hard to find.

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Have SG stop wasting money on new heroes and start having them remodel the old ones while adding additional content that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. It isn’t that hard, if they are willing to try. Other apps/games are doing it, so why not them?


I imagine Lord Loki made a mint!
Was it because he is OP?

Unique Skills

This is what I would like to see while maintaining balance! There are too many heroes that meet the standard of 5* because of their stats, only… While their skills are almost unplayable…

And then a handful of heroes that really aren’t monstrously over powered. But, they do have a skill that doesn’t belong in their speed bracket.

I don’t see that SG needs to continuously break the game in order to make money.

This will be more challenging. As you are not taking the lazy approach of creating stronger and stronger remakes.

Do you remember in the beginning? Damage-all AoE’s were slow.
Hit-3 AoE were average.
And snipers were fast.

Now Damage-all has skipped average.
Went straight to fast speed…!
And has def down!
How does this trend have a favorable outcome when TC’s deliver only S1’s without costumes?
When my roster becomes obsolete,
I’m done…
While the current model is, spending money to stay competitive!?!
How many will continue hemorrhaging their bank accounts, and for how long?

Imagine, if there were 500 five star heroes, who all had unique abilities that were relatively balanced with each other

What would the landscape look like?
How much variety would there be?
Would you enjoy that experience?
Would continue playing?
And give money towards it, when something that looks fun comes along?
I would stick around and continue paying for such a high quality product.

While this super creep business model for people who can afford Rolls Royce, are driving on a dead-end road.

Frigg and Odin’s have unique skills!
I celebrated that.
However… their fast speed does not give much time to work boards and limit their skill. I don’t care that they are fast. But… after playing against them enough times I’m starting to see that the Frigg should be punished harder when I clear the board of greens. Because when I don’t… I get my pants pulled down by a fast hero.

Meanwhile, we need another 50 or so heroes buffed, like the last update.


Guys… every time i open the chart, M23 is about first or second in the leaderboard.
Curious, isn’t it?

And now i start see other people emblem a second.


We can’t use imagination as the basis for argument. And, for every successful unique hero, there’s probably 5 failed ones we’ll never see. Point being, it’s not easy to keep add new mechanics and keep them balanced. For example, Marie had a cool and fresh mechanic but she’s not very usable.

So if you’re expecting SG to meet your call and release a steady stream of unique, balanced heroes, it’s just not going to happen. If they could, they’d be doing it already.

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QoH is still exceptional in minion teams even without PiB. Her taunt can’t be dispelled and you can bury the card under other minions.

Not really comparable but I don’t feel like Misandra was ever that good.

She definitely does lol.

Maybe, but original Vela doesn’t exist anymore. I see Zeline in more elite defenses than Vela though.

Apples to oranges there. Ariels only weakness is her slightly dated stats. She is still super relevant though and while her mana boost is slightly weaker at Odin’s max, she’s way more consistent.


Yes, it is true…
I am a dreamer :pensive:
And my argument can be dismissed by focusing on a single word:

At least you don’t dismiss as most do,
By explaining that your opposition doesn’t know how to play.

To bolster my imagination: of a balanced game, where rosters that take years to develop can be enjoyed long afterwards.
A balanced game, teeming with variety!

I would add that SG, has already spoken of balance as being an on-going process:

[Balance and Variety]

And showed good faith through previous balance actions! Despite a strong clamoring against…

Most likely because you’re right:

With each new mechanism, somewhere else a gear starts wobbling… and so there is a need to pursue balance!

Just because it is difficult
Does not mean it is unworthy
And that we should simply give up
Then cater to those who want to drive their Rolls Royce off a cliff edge

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Judging by the amount of ninjas, and new S3 heroes we are all seeing in play: This threat is even more empty now than the last time it was made before Telly was nerfed.
Yep, #nospend really took off eh?

So then…
Why is the game still alive?

Because of whales spending money?
Because this is a good game?

It’s not a threat to say, that if the answer is the latter, balance is an ingredient

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New heroes aren’t a waste of money for them though, they’re hugely profitable. While I would love to see them rework old heroes, this doesn’t generate any revenue for them and instead would cost them a ton of money in planning, design, testing, coding, testing etc.

Again, I’d love to see it happen but I don’t ever expect it.


For what it’s worth, I hope you’re right. I’d love to see them make the time investment to really strive for a harmonious balance.

Thanks for sharing your side :vulcan_salute:t2:

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Lol you sarcastic sarcastic man hahahaha

Very very funny

Some of the top teams in global leader board are actually sending some signals…raided a team with Frigg BK Odin a few hours ago, when I checked several hours later the same player was still within top 100 but then had reduced the team to just the trio taking out the wings…how else can it be explained?..imo this is sending similar synergy signal as GTV…Frigg & Odin in a team =>pre-nerfed Tel Vel…

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C justice being a much better version of guardian owl when people have been begging for owl to be fixed for so long


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