Friendly Alliance looking for active members

Iron Hawks is recruiting.

If you are an active player looking for an alliance with active members and ready to answer at any question.

We have 9 free spots.

We are fighting with 7*-8* titans. We can't wait to grow together.

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pozdrav… Ja sam leader jednog klana od 14 članova,svi aktivni što se tice titana i rata… Polako napredujemo,ali potrebni su nam članovi da se polako dižemo na novu razinu… ukoliko ste zainteresirani za ujedinjenje,javite se … lp

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hello… I am the leader of one clan of 14 members, all active regarding titans and war… We are progressing slowly, but we need members to slowly rise to a new level… if you are interested in unification, please report… lp

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Me and a few friends have an alliance of around 10 players with teams varying from around 4000 (3 teams) to around 3200. We’re all very loyal to our alliance, and have our own chat outside of the game to get better use of tips and imagery. If you would consider a merger, please get back to me. Cheers.

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It is a good idea, but we have only 9 free spots

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