Food Storage Capacity after using Hero Academy

I have noticed after reaching a certain stage in the game that we may need more food storage capacity/capabilities after maxing out all our storages/advanced storages.

After leveling up and maxing out the advanced food/iron storages it appears to be barely enough to research Legendary Heros in the Hero Academy.

I think my higest capable food storage is like 3318 and it took 3311 just to research Legendary Hero’s just once in the Hero Academy.

I was wondering :thinking: if there is something I was missing or if others were coming across the same issues with food storage after using the Hero Academy. If there are others that are dealing with this and feel its an issue can you please comment and let us know your thoughts on this particular topic. Thanks

Hero Acadedmy level 10 research needs all food storage maxed (including the normals and the advanced ones too) so it is designed like that.


Most advanced players use the Trainingcamps and the Alchemy Lab to store food, and HA6 to store Iron.

If you need more information how to do it, contact me.
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What if someone has maxed out all buildings including but not limited too their strongholds, hunters lodge, advanced buildings, storages, advanced storages, houses and crafting facilities. Should we have updated storages/buildings or possibly a new building keep the game running smoothly or is everyone just satisfied with all they have after all is at max levels?

3311/3318, but that is the largest amount needed in game. Also, it is the research cost, so you will only need it ONCE.

I have finished maxing every building in my base and researching all ealier this year.
Just in case something will be needed.

I think once a new building arrives then probably we need to improve our storage buildings further so that do anything with those building.

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Many of my buildings are at maximum, the only ones that are not are my farms, but this is something I am working on as I write.

It would be interesting to see what was said to be, and I quote, “…a new building…”

Whatever this is, I for one would love to see it.

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These are expected:



Thanks @PlayForFun this is a great reminder.


In fine with it. I have my alchemy lab at 100 for 3 different levels, i have a tc 20 up and running, and i don’t care about saving iron, so i just build tornadoes and time stupid and when i run out of that… Who cares really.

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Being patient is hard, but i really want advanced training camps so i can level 3 things at once… Tc 2/11/20…

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I wanted to Thank you for posting this response. Its greatly appreciated.

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