Fix/Buff Boss Wolf please

I understand there were huge issues with him and Guin, but he was a decent hero before and you Neutured the poor guy before you released him to us. You already cut his Mana steel in half before release why did you also remove his defense buff and.levae his speed as very slow? Now he is nothing more than a meat shield and not a serious hero, especially when yellow has so many ways to deal with very slow purples (miss chance and Mana steal). Either make his recharge just slow and/or add the defense boost back please. I should have been excited to get a 5 star but he got nerfed so badly that my 4 stars are probably better because at least they will get a special off before they die in raids.

I agree. Boss Wolf should be badass but was nerfed so bad he is nothing more than a meat shield like you said. I am current leveling him up just to use him as a front line tank. Poor guy. Useless now. I spent money for the summons n now feel like I got jipped!!!


I was so stoked to roll him…then saw the new stats. :disappointed_relieved:

Maybe they’ll make him great again.


Couldn’t resist! :smile:


Haha so great that certainly lightened the mood :wink:


There’s gonna be hell toupee!


He’s #*$%ing horrible, as I pointed out on beta several times.

He was a moderately useful tank (and not remotely useful for anything else) before they nerfed him. Now he’s #%^&ing pathetic.


Other than using him as a front line tank, is there any other use for Boss Wolf? What’s the reason for being a 5* if stats/powers are complete garbage? How is he justifiable as a 5* hero? I’m just upset at myself for spending money and landing him.


There is no reason for him in his current form to be a 5 star. You can just add him to the list of other poorly done 5 star tanks like Thorne. Or even just poorly done 5 stars in general like Quintus.


My thoughts exactly.


How not quote @FullMetal2. HOTM are often quite overpowered and event heroes that are quite rarer, so the Boss case is puzzling. Maybe is a subliminal message to persuade some spenders to close their wallets as their hard earned 5* event looks quite unworth (garbage isn’t unappropriate for Wolf sadly)?


I fear the problem is not going to be limited to Wolf. As @theStranger noted, he was a solid hero when we first saw him in Beta–needed some tweaking, perhaps–until people started pairing him with Guinevere. (I suggested that it was very odd to pair Riposte with a damage buff: Riposte is only valuable when the attack does damage. I suggested they remove Riposte, instead they removed the damage buff). The Wolf/Guin combo happened to have a synergy that made them basically unbeatable. So he was nerfed to a point where he’s okay with Guinevere but a waste of tabards otherwise.

As we get more and more heroes with more, diverse skills, this sort of particular paired synergy is likely to occur more often. We’ve seen this before: Pair Master Lepus with Aeron to get the big attack bonus without suffering the defense debuff.

While I think it’s necessary for SG to change heroes so that they’re not creating a nightmare, dominant combo, I wish they had done so in this case without stripping Wolf of his bite for the typical player. Sure, this might have taken some extra coding – for example, suppose Boss Wolf could not be positioned next to a Holy hero? – but it’s really not a good business move to release a 5* hero that, for 99% of players, is seriously underpowered.


Ya they should have given him a slow recharge and/or taken away the repost. You know what would be great to replace the repost is some basic taunt ability something to the effect of a 25% chance that a attack that intended for another target would hit wolf instead and it could also last 3 rounds like the Mana boost. Kind if like the miss chance for yellow except weaker because it’s not a miss it just gives him a chance to protect his allies with his huge Def. That and a slow recharge would make him decent


Look just here

After that he smokes at the side

It is not normal to cut new hero, when in game you have someone who just overwhelmingly


I don’t fault SG for wanting to keep all heroes within a range. Alberich was given a down-tweak a few months ago, as was Guinevere; it’s much, much better to release a hero that has been well tested and, if anything, needs a bit of an up-tweak.

Let’s be honest: the early HotM were all a little over-the-top: Athena, Hel, Alberich, and Ares are all superb, off in a league of their own. I think they’ve done a better job of late developing HotM that are powerful without being over-powered.

The event heroes, though, are less successful. Sure, we’ve had great ones (Panther, Arthur, Guinevere) but just as many duds, at least on initial release (Owl, Kong, Sargasso, and now Wolf). I’ll give them some latitude: what makes a good event boss may not be the same as what makes a good hero.

All that said, Wolf needs a rethink. Unfortunately the track record with SG is that they have never made a fundamental adjustment to a released hero, that is, adding or removing an ability. They only tweak numbers. So I think the shift from Very Slow to Slow mana is the most likely and reasonable fix for Wolf.


Well if that’s the case going to slow will at least make him a decent tank, but they used to have a defense boost on him I personally would rather have that than the Repost. But simply giving him a faster special makes him much more competitive.


As I know in most games there are Awesome > Great > Good Heroes. That makes the game good. Still wish they rebuff the Heroes back to normal that NERFed and add some boost to them as HOTM and EVENT are just that they are Special Heroes.
I only say this is because lately they have been buffing the Regular 5* Heroes which are making them on par with HOTM and EVENT Heroes. Like do they want to make all the P2W players not care about any new Heroes.

And Boss Wolf only needed to be nerfed abit from beta but they neutered him :frowning:

also @Petri please tell the DEVs to look around at many different games to draw inspiration from it would help make the game more popular.

I’m not asking for everything from all these games but to draw ideas from their positive aspects.


His very slow mana makes me wonder if in most case/scenario (since tiles are so random) if Boss Wolf will even be able to let off his special even once in and fight ,raid titan battle etc…Honestly even if he they are an overpowered combo Guin and wolf, a restriction on mating the 2 in a team would be better than nerfing wolf. Just my 2 cents!


Honestly he will be very lucky to get it off once in raids, especially if the opposing yellows are Li Xiu, Chao, Hu Tao, Joon or Justice… The Mana steal and miss chance will really wreck him with the very slow recharge.


Agreed. Here’s to hoping the dev’s will re-tweak him to somewhat of 5* hero status.


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