Fix/Buff Boss Wolf please

Ya comparing him to Gaurdian owl , the only other 5 star very slow, owl singinficantly increases his own surviavility with heal a defense boost while also damaging the enemy for a pretty good amount and extra damage for the dead. Wolf only brings personal survival to the table and a ok Mana effect that last a sad 3 rounds. Pretty startling difference and Owl is a crappy 5 star but still way better than Wolf. Wolf’s repost is crappy too because his defense is so high and repost needs to happen more often to be effective :frowning:


yes all in all F- his defense is high


FYI from very slow to slow you just need a basic 4* mana troop. It took me 12 yellows with 2x yellow heroes to down him at a raid on 3/60. On 4/80 I’d imagine it would need more.

And I was extremely lucky with the board. Had one heal had went on I’d be so royally screwed…

And, I feel pain when I think for this guy’s wallet xD


The fact that it took that many yellows and he was no where near getting his special is what I am talking about. I don’t think having a huge defense and h.p. pool makes you a good 5 star. If it’s really hard for you to get your special and it is an extremely weak special you are no threat to the opposite team other than physically blocking there other hero’s for a short time. Let me ask you this are you worried for your teams survival when his special goes off? For most people the answer would be no. And if you have someone with very slow recharge that answer should be yes, his special should scare you if you are against him and quite frankly it doesn’t. Look at anchor’s guide to hero grades, he is rated poorly at everything, Titans, offense team and defense team. Anchor is a member of the best alliance and his guide is very well done and an accurate assessment of of hero’s strength.


Let me ask you a question: do you balance a heroe for 3/70 alone or 4/80 with 30 troops?

Because at 4/80 with 30 troop this guy will not only survive a gazzillion of hits but will do his tank job ■■■■ well imho.

He’s just a heroe for different play style. And different team composition.

I’ve read the grades. He’s not an A but he’s surely not a D either.

This guy with 4 healers is team you’d not wanna fight. I’ve already put a defense team with him and two Delilahs and although the team is only 3k atm it has already beaten 4 players above 3400 on their attack.

Yes, he’s not an offense team hero but for defense.


No he should not. He’s all huff and puff.

He was defeated by a little girl and a man so insignificant that whether he was a hunter or a lumberjack is still unclear but no one give’s a rat’s hoot about it.

He was defeated by the youngest goat of a litter of seven and it’s mother.

He was defeated by three piglets.

And you tell me he should be badass?


The issue for me is not his surviavility, it’s soley his very slow recharge, make it just a slow and he would go from a C or D hero to at least a decent B maybe even a B+ on Defense, but he still would be crap at titan and only soso at offense. And no I don’t have him at 4/80 and my purple troops are level 11 (crit troops). I only have enough talberds to ascend one purple and right now I only have wolf and Quintus and I am not considered spending my resources on either because overall they are both too weak. I am not some high level player with a ton of resources to upgrade a hero that’s just soso. I assume 90% of the players on this game don’t have the resources to upgrade 5stars often enough to spend it on a ok hero. It took me over 6 months to get the resources I need. My problem is they nerfed him because of his power with Guin (only super dedicated people or lucky ones have both of them) and they went to far I am not saying he needs a complete overhaul but a simple fix would make him useable for the average player


My point was that SG does balancing for max hero and troop rank.

You can still make him Slow with troops:


You need 13% mana troop to hit Slow.


20 Character s :joy:


I get that and the Mana troop helps everyone the same. So would you rather have him with those Mana troops making him a slow recharge or Richard for example… Who would go from average to fast with high level Mana troops? Potentially getting his special off twice as often as Wolf. Comparing these 2 tanks I would guess most would choose Richard, who is only an average hero himself. Let’s put it this way if you had my team (Zeline, Deliah (or Joon), Gravemaker (or Azlar), and Thorne( would you waste your hard earned resources on either Wolf or Quintus (and for that matters Thorne) knowing it could take you 7 months to get enough to upgrade a better hero? I am not saying he doesn’t have potential just that he isn’t quite good enough to consider for the average player to waste resources leveling. Plus if he was a slow recharge those same mana troops would make him average.



Fast speed = 8 tiles
Medium speed = 10 tiles
lv30 Mana troop = +15% mana

MediumSpecial + 30.ManaTroop = 8,5 tiles


My bad I can’t get abearing on how the Mana troops work because I have seen so many different opinions on what they actually do and some people seem to think Mana troops are good and effective, others seem to think they are way worse than crit troops and do next to nothing for some hero’s (usually faster hero’s) so I apologise. My main compliant with wolf is they took away too much from him due to him and Guin. Why did they take away the defense boost and cut the slower Mana charge thing in half also? His special doesn’t do enough to justify a very slow recharge to me. You are free to disagree that’s the point of a forum discussion. :slight_smile: Thank for setting me right on how the mana troops work. But why I have the attention of someone who understands them. Would you recommend Mana or crit troops for Zeline?


For defense raids Mana all day long, maybe only Crit on the tank for the increased defense.
For titans Crit with some exception (Jackal).

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You can’t make average from slow as it requires 30% troops :slight_smile:

As I said - Wolf gives options. Especially with AW defense teams. Also, ascension items for different colors are different so you can have more than one hero leveled up.

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Ya I have exactly enough items (except I need one dart for yellow and a flask green) to upgrade one of each color. So if you were in my place would you spend them on Wolf, Quintius or wait for a better hero, given Zeline, Deliah and Gravemaker will be upgraded? I am waiting for a better Blue because Thorne has issues too in my opinion.

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He was not defeated. He was f*cking strong, but stupid. He ate to much to run and fight and so he was just cruelly slaughtered with no opportunity to fight.
And if you are thinking that direction, red hood was also stupid and gave wolf all the information about her grandma to be eaten. Where is wolf and where is red hood now?


Thnx right now I have one of each green 4 star. Only a crit purple and blue, 2 Mana reds and 2 Mana yellows

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Quintus is far worse than Wolf imho.

I for one am doing wolf.

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Guess I will wait for my 2 training camps to hopefully give me a 5 star blue or purple and base it on that. If I get Magni I could see a team of Zeline, Deliah, Wolf, Magni and Gravemaker in that order being a decent combo. Thoughts on that team? If I get a purple say Santana, then I will need to wait for a blue tank, Richard and then going Zeline, Deliah, Richard, Santana Gravemaker. Thoughts on these combos? Or what if I get Ishara? Thank for the help guys seems like you know more about this than I do :slight_smile:

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You have to think for something else. Almost everytime you are attacked by team with double strong color vs your tank.

In that case flanking your tank with two weak colors related to your tank makes things difficult to decide on the attacker.

Defense is totally different than offense.

Until we get to the top 100/1000 team composition makes or breaks your defense.

Try it out and see how things go.

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