Fire Heroes 5 ⭐ list

Hi Community!!

Very fast

:red_circle: Alucard
Allucard  fire average

:red_circle: Daemon

:red_circle: El Duque

:red_circle: Emilio

:red_circle: Gravemaker , costume

:red_circle: Grazul

:red_circle: Lodius

:red_circle: Vanda, costume


:red_circle: Bonecrusher

:red_circle: Captain Nemo, costume

:red_circle: Captaine Kestrel

:red_circle: Cindarella

:red_circle: Cleaver

:red_circle: D’Artagnan

:red_circle: Doxan

:red_circle: Gefjon, costume

:red_circle: Hammerclang

:red_circle: Hathor , costume

:red_circle: Hohenwerf

:red_circle: Hornfel

:red_circle: Ignazio

:red_circle: Jean Francois

:red_circle: Lewena

:red_circle: Marjana, costume1, costume2, toon-costume

:red_circle: Natalya, costume

:red_circle: Omen

:red_circle: Pepperflame

:red_circle: Reuben

:red_circle: Rocket

:red_circle: Roughian & Nurgib

:red_circle: Sekhmet

:red_circle: Tahir

:red_circle: Tetisheri

:red_circle: Torben

:red_circle: Tyr, costume

:red_circle: Yang Mai

:red_circle: Zarga

:red_circle: Zimkitha, costume


:red_circle: Amber

:red_circle: Anzogh

:red_circle: Aradia

:red_circle: Ares, costume

:red_circle: Asterius

:red_circle: Baldur, costume

:red_circle: Barkley,

:red_circle: Black Caesar

:red_circle: Black Knight, costume
Black knight fire average

:red_circle: Blossom

:red_circle: Brimstone

:red_circle: Cardinal Richelieu

:red_circle: Carmenta

:red_circle: Chomper

:red_circle: Cupido

:red_circle: Elba

:red_circle: Elizabeth, costume

:red_circle: Flip

:red_circle: Fulvia

:red_circle: Guardian Kong, costume

:red_circle: Isrod

:red_circle: Kravekrush

:red_circle: Lady Loki, costume

:red_circle: Madhammer

:red_circle: Mitsuko, costume

:red_circle: Neema
Neema fire average

:red_circle: Norman
Norman fire average

:red_circle: Oceanus

:red_circle: Octros, costume

:red_circle: Phenexa

:red_circle: Puss in boots, costume

:red_circle: Queen of Hearts, costume

:red_circle: Red hood
redhat  fire average

:red_circle: Russell

:red_circle: Skargremar

:red_circle: Sparklight

:red_circle: Sun Quan

:red_circle: Timothy
Norman fire average1

:red_circle: Ukkonen
Ukkonen  fire average

:red_circle: Xenda

:red_circle: Xiaotu

:red_circle: Xiwangmu

:red_circle: Zagrog

:red_circle: Zaria

:red_circle: Zenobia, costume


:red_circle: Azlar, costume1, cosume2, toon-costume

:red_circle: Ebba

:red_circle: Elena,costume1, costume2

:red_circle: Ilmarinen

:red_circle: Khagan, costume1, costume2, toon-costume

:red_circle: Khufu

:red_circle: Niki

:red_circle: Noor

:red_circle: Otis

:red_circle: Santa Claus, costume

:red_circle: Saoirse

:red_circle: Vanya
Vanya  fire slow


:red_circle: Erebus

:red_circle: Garnet

:red_circle: Hypnos

:red_circle: Ray

:red_circle: Ruby

:red_circle: Serandite


:red_circle: Domiventus

:red_circle: Gestalt

:red_circle: Lasalle


Yes about three years ago!

Is there more coming?

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What are we doing? I think I am missing the question.


Hi guys!!!
Please if you have time call the heroes i could have lost!!
THKS :smiling_face:

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You forgot Changing Tides speed - Lasalle and Gestalt etc


Sparklight missing from average speed.


Timothy missing from average


Thank you for your help, for your time, I added these heroes and re-sorted them in alphabetical order. Now you may look again specifically in alphabetical order maybe find missing again :smiling_face: . Thanks for your help…

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Neema added
:heart_eyes: Continue

Lodius in very fast and Madhammer in average.

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Thank you // Your interest give me power to continue /// )))

You can probably find all the missing heroes here

Its a hero tracking tool set up by smarter people than me :+1:

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Thank you for your kind words and I hope it can be useful!
This program is updated approx. monthly so it does not have new heroes like Omen and Voidstar yet BTW :smiley:


Xiwangmu and omen and extra characters, ray but he’s magic speed

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Added the cards you mentioned, Start with BLUE heroes // and fast cards were included :blue_heart:

C snow white, slow. More characters

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Topic allows only 32000 characters // i have to devide the topic// Next Blue: List of 5 stars ⭐ ice-heroes with costume /// which card has the most of our love?

If #1 is not ghealach, their opinions are incorrect

it will prob be nautica



Ok Ghealach rcvd a :star:))

You are awesome!