HeroPlan Explorer -- Simple Tool to Explore/Filter All Heroes

Quick Start

Version 0.0.1 (13 October 2023) : 666 Based Heroes, 172 1st-Costumes, 30 2nd-Costumes

Hi everybody, insprired by many great contributors here especially @GDIBass and @Nynaeve_alMeara who create a beautiful website to organize all Heroes … Now the only missing feature is that we cannot filter heroes with there attributes (e.g. class, speed, special skills, etc.), I make a quick web app with the amazing HeroPlan data just for this job.

There are 2 hosts which you can play. These two hosts are free and can be stopped if nobody are used it for a while, and will be needed to restart manually.

Heroplan Explorer (Powered By Streamlit)

This is a simple Hero explorer on Empire & Puzzles that let you filter your interested heroes by class, speed, special skills and more!

Picture below shown an example when you want to see all heroes with are “Yellow (Holy), Barbarian with Hit-3 special skill” sorted by their power.

This repository applies the data for the amazing Heroplan contributed by E&P community. If you spot some errors, please contribute to the original Heroplan repo above, and this repo will be updated accordingly.

Beside basic categories that you can filter such as Class, Origin, Color and Speed, you can filter heroes with free-text with “Name”, “Special Skill Category” and “Special Skill Text”

“Special Skill Category” is manually defined by Heroplan community and may not be perfect, but it is quite comprehensive e.g. “Hit 1”, “Hit 3”, “Hit All”, “Cleanser”, “Dispeller”, “Healer”, “Resurrect”, etc. while “Special Skill Text” is what exactly written in the hero card. You can combine those two filters to get wanted results.

Example 2: Hero with average speed, deal some damages and is cleanser

Example 3: (Mobile screenshot – you can click filtering menu indicated by the red arrow) Hero with 2nd-costume who can Hit-all

Missing Features

  • As the original Heroplan data does not provide “passive” ability, we don’t have that information in this repo too ← passive is now added, if there’s some information in HeroPlan

Update Oct 24 2023

  • Add 10 New Heroes including updated Clashes of Knights (total 878 heroes – thanks to HeroPlan.io community!!)

  • Add more filters e.g. rarity, stat-based (attack, defense, hp) filters

Still, most of the time, standard filters should do the job!

  • Integrate @Elioty33 's DataVault on Heroes to Heroplan’s data so that we can see a hero base-stat, LB1/2 stat with CB1/CB2 stat based on Elioty33 data and see other information like Special Skill based on HeroPlan.io data

We can select whether to use HeroExplorer or Hero’s stat analysis by using sidebar (hidden on the left in mobile)


Update Nov 10, 2023

  • update hero list from HeroPlan and DataVault
  • You can filter hero stat by DoT (damage over time) !
  • Toon Costume3 is included!


Update December 9 to include 930 heroes e.g. Opera, BlackFriday, S4-costumes etc.

Thanks especially @cvl_75 and @Elioty33 for the updated data!!

passive is now added from HeroPlan and can also be filtered e.g.

If you want to see who have a passive “innate resistance to buff dispel”
perhaps we can just type “dispel” in passive text to filter heroes, and we can see that there are 11 candidate heroes

This list is not perfect as it also contains e.g. Aqeela who has passive to dispel enemies buff, but just 11 filtered list will give you a solid ideas of which heroes has the skills you want to know


Another feature is that I add some filter about DoT where you can see who can make the most DoT “total” damage or alternatively “damage per turn”

In this example, filter for 4* who can make >= 400 total DoT (at 4/80), and there are only 4 heroes!!

In contrast, if we want to maximize DoT damage “per turn”, the results are different:

You can see that, DoT per turn, C1 Kelile and C Proteus are strongest
(they are the only two who make DoT >= 150 per turn at 4/80, and in fact >= 215 / turn at LB2 )


Last but not least, now we can also filter “max % in special skill”, e.g. to find the best sniper in the game … Below is an example if I want to find

whose special skill can make damage more than 575%

And there are 18 candidates for the best snipers in the game!!
(sorted by power [creep] – this list is not filtered “speed”, but you can do it easily yourself e.g. to specify especially for Fast)

@Zack , @u2371 , @Ruskin505 , @Dzibong @Homaclese @Ripobin_The_First … I am not sure if you are interested in this tool which is a hobbyt of mine, but just in case, I tag you guys as my friends :wink:


I don’t use it because I am F2P and don’t have too many 5* to use the tool :sweat_smile:.

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Haha, I can completely understand that.

In my case, I have only 20 non-classic 5* , but I just make it as my curiosity …
Like which heroes have this kind of abilities, which abilities are rarest , etc…

( And so which portal should I aim to get perhaps rare/strategic 4* abilities – by collecting some gems )

And sometimes just use the tool to make some dream team (which I will never have :sweat_smile: )

Thanks for the message anyway! :smiley:

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I use to have dream team too. The problem is it always change when SG release new OP heroes. So, I decide to stop dream because of that :rofl:.

For now, most rare/strategic 4* are S1 second costume. Other non S1 rare/strategic 4* are Kalo, Mielikki costume, Cillian & Aodhan, Gullinbursti and Almur.

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I have had Aodhan for a year, and I once thought he is amazing in 4* tier, but as of now, I seems to quite lose interests in him (and as you know, I have no hidden blade, so he is 3/70 for almost forever :sweat_smile: )

I thought he is good since his AoE when all 10 stacks are applied can be considered as fast and very high. And also Fiends to prevent enemies’ heal …

But as of now (power creep, even though is less in 4*), I feel like he has a bit of non-exciting skills, 10-stacks are taking time in raids/tourney to be useful, Fiends %hp are quite low compared to newer heroes, etc.

Is there other reasons you are interested in him ?

Also, why specifically Almer, but not other 4* EDD ?
[perhaps he is in common portal ?]

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Aodhan/Cilllian combo is still the best wing in 4* buff booster for now even in S1 second costume era. Aodhan/Cilllian permanently get +40% Atk in buff booster which make them still have more overall stat then 4* S1 double costume at the same LB.

Oh, sorry. I forget other EDD. Sergei is still useful 4* EDD today. But for Guardian Falcon, Guardian Jackel and Hansel, you can get them from HA 8. So, you don’t have to spend gem to get them.

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Thanks! Your experience as well as your niche analysis are always appreciate :kissing_heart:

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As a C2P I have only some 5* and I keep track of my heroes with an Excel list.

It is good to know that this tool is available :+1:

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Oh wow. This looks incredible! Can’t wait to try it out

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Update data to Jan 4, 2024. Thanks @cvl_75 and @Elioty33 !

Now include total 954 heroes with Owl, new construct, new goblin, new costumes3 et al.

Updated example of heroes who can Hit3 and has the word 'dispel' on special

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Hey @Ufeel, out of curiosity, do you have a Line and is your app source repository available somewhere (like GitHub for example)?

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@Elioty33 Thanks!
Yes it is opensource , and it a forked version of the original HeroPlan.

The repository is here. There are only two following files responsible to make the app works / keeps updating.

hero_streamlit_test.ipynb is used to process and integrate HeroPlan and your data altogether to build simple database (csv) files.

The main web application is app.py written with streamlit :smiley: