Fire and Shadow - A short story

The thought process came on how the game loading screen shows Elena, Richard, Layla, and of course Vivica’s pet Dragon. As we progress through the story, there were moments where we learn a bit more of what is going on through Elena’s mind, and of course some light-hearted moments between Richard and Vivica. But Layla is the only one we don’t hear about (aside from her being everyone’s first Dark 2* hero) and used as part of the tutorial. I have not finished the story campaign yet, but I am getting there…

Richard: My, that was a very eventful encounter that we had in the Corellian Forest? Wouldn’t you say, Miss, uhm…
Elena: Elena… My name is Elena. Look, can we just cut the chit-chat? I don’t plan on staying long. I have got a Dark Lord to slay, and a friend to rescue! Can you just show me where I can rest a little?
Richard: Hey, calm down, little missy, If that Dark Lord is who I think it is, you need all the help you can get. Just take it easy, get a good night rest. If you still want to go by the morning, we won’t stop you.
Elena: Fine, just don’t get in my way.
Richard: Wouldn’t dream of it. Oh Vivica, sweet Vivica~~ would you come and show Ms. Elena to her quarters and give a little bit of a tour of our lovely little Stronghold?
Vivica: Of course, Lord Richard. This way, Ms. Elena, you look like you’ve been in serious combat, let me take a look at those wounds. You must also be hungry and tired. Leave it to me, I’ll fix you right up! Slight wave of her hand
Elena: Ok, but I am only staying for the nigh… Yawns and falls over, into the catching arms of Vivica
Richard: One of your mythical enchantments from your homeland, no doubt?
Vivica: Oh, nothing serious, just a little relaxation spell. She’ll be all right, and won’t remember a thing the next morning!
Richard: Have you ever use this spell on me before?
Vivica: By all means, no. smiles and turns around carrying an out cold Elena in her arms and left
Richard: Yeah, why do I get the feeling I don’t believe that?

Mysterious Voice: My Lord, you really think she’s the one? She’s so young, brash, impulsive and…
Richard: I have a feeling, yeah I do. Besides, you weren’t so different when I found you.
Mysterious Voice: I was not…
Richard: Haha, no worries. Keep an eye on her, just in case.
Mysterious Voice: Yes, my Lord.

It didn’t take long for Elena to get healed of her injuries, and we found our fearless young maiden of fire donning her armor, grabbed her twin swords, and snuck out of the stronghold and heading north. Trying to take on every enemy she finds in her path.

Darkling Commander: Inform the Dark Lord that we have the little runaway duckling cornered and will soon deliver her to him.
Elena: Come on! I’ll take you all on, then I’ll rescue General Grey!
Darkling Commander: Grey? You mean the old man Grey? Ha! He’s already under the command of the Dark Lord.
Elena: You lie! He will never!
Darkling Commander: I guess you can see for yourself when we take you to him.
Elena: Grrrr…. charges towards a group of darkling soldiers

Enemies seemed endless, and soon Elena found herself out of healing items when a Goblin’s axe came sailing through from her blind spot. Clenching her teeth for the inevitable impact, the axe’s Goblin owner suddenly fell to the ground and a single arrow sticking out from its back. The Darkling commander tried to see who it was, only to find itself impaled from behind by two large shotels with some eerie purple glow. The rest of the minions saw what happened to their leader and scattered into the forest.

Elena: Who… Waa…?

A cloaked figure quickly appeared in front of Elena and spoke in a stale tone

Mysterious Figure: Nice shot, Nightshade, you still took a little too long to get that Focused Shot off though, work on it. Go! Inform our lord that we have found our “guest.”
Mysterious Voice 2: Yes, Captain! The trees rustles and fell silent

Elena: Who, where, I didn’t even see… Who are you?
Mysterious Figure: I’m Layla. pulls back her hood, revealing a black haired woman with a cold stare.
Elena: Thanks, but I could’ve handled them myself you know.
Layla: Yes, I am sure you are. Just like how you managed to exhaust through your entire supply of healing items in the middle of forest and surrounded by your enemies.
Elena: So, why did you help me?
Layla: I don’t know, I honestly really could careless if you live or die. But my Lord Richard seem to think you are some kind of savior who will help us defeat the Dark Lord. But you were recklessly enough to almost give our position away. I cannot have you do that, so I intervened.

Layla took a quick look around her surroundings, retrieved her shotels from the back of their most recent victim. Twirled them both a few times in the air to fling off some the blood

Elena: How come I didn’t see you at the base?
Layla: My squad work from the shadows. We rarely ever see any what you might refer to as “glorious” combat. Now if there is nothing else… I have to get going. You can follow this path here and get to town and do whatever it is you want to do.
Elena: Wait! Do you really think what that guy said was true, that General Grey is…?
Layla: Don’t know, he is someone important to you?
Elena: He trained me ever since I was little, his forces held off the Dark Lord and allowed me to escape.
Layla: I am not certain. But that’s not something for me to figure out. Look, is there anything else? I don’t really want to be here when those guys come back.

Elena sighed, took a deep breath and looked at Layla

Elena: Take… Take me back to the base with you. I need your help to defeat the Dark Lord.
Layla: Looking a bit surprised Hmph…. Very well, follow me, and try to keep up!

Back in the Stronghold

Vivica: Oh dear, I hope I didn’t scare off our cute little guest, do you think it is my cooking?
Richard: Nonsense! Your cooking is heavenly! Even Lord Elkanen thinks so, and we all know he despises anything not Elven.
Vivica: Layla’s squad just reported back, they found her and they are on the way back! My Lord, do you really think she is the one?
Richard: Why does everyone keep asking me that? I just had a hunch when I saw this fiery light streak across the night sky all the way from the smoldering mountains of the Dark Lord. I went to where the light ended and found her.
Vivica: But our forces… It’s scattered so thin since the Dark Lord’s last attack…
Richard: Don’t worry, they are out there. We’ll find them and unite them all. Now, I am starving, what’s for dinner?

Somewhere close to the base…
Elena: Hey! I think I saw you move in the trees just now!
Layla: Ha! In your dreams!


That’s smashing work :grin:


This great @Shohoku79! Got me wrapped up in it right away. You are a great writer! And you have a great set of characters to work with! You BETTER finish this and let me know - I’ll book mark it! - Raz


Add me to your fan list. I’m late but loyal.
Really like your style and characterization.
holds up empty hands More please.


Thank you very much. I am not much of a writer these days in comparison to some of my more youthful days. Nowadays, I find myself enjoying writing shorter, smaller, and sometimes more lighthearted stories as opposed to a long, serious adventure. The personification for Richard, Vivica, Elena, and Layla here are more or less derived on how I perceived them to be based on their in-game dialogues, their hero card descriptions, and special abilities and I don’t even have all of them yet. Most of these dialogue pieces that you see me posting sporadically are kind of from this setting.

Why do I have Elena at odds with Layla despite them being totally different levels of heroes? I honest am not sure, but I just thought it works well with the story setting I am giving them. Just like the players of E&P leading a rag tag group of heroes and eventually building up an army to go up against the Dark Lord.

So this is a justification piece for Layla foremost, then a E&P setting a very immediate second. There are a lot of voiceless heroes in this game, as time progresses, I’ll see if I can give more of them voices, or rather, personalities.

Thanks again!


The most powerful characters are not always the most interesting. I think it’s great to explore the more relatable guys and gals.

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@Sohohoku79 & @JonahTheBard
And you both do it so very well!
Lucky me!


Accepted as canon! A really enjoyable, light-hearted read! Kudos! :clap::clap::clap:


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