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Breaking News - @Xorana1 has returned and produced a new story already!

A little pet project to keep track of some of our collective creative content. It’s easy for some of these gems, to be lost in the dusty corners of the forum.

If your work features here and you’d like it removed for any reason, let me know.

If you find anything I’ve missed, let me know.

And if you want to point out that this is clearly a case of narcissism because lots of it is mine - then keep it to yourself :wink:

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Hahahahaha was going to ask for something similar to the moderators of the game. The second fanficcion has not yet been able to translate it in English

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Thanks for contributing @Celtibero

I’ve added those to the list too :grinning:

More new content added.

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Read more fan-fic this Christmas

Well begun! Scarlett’s storey has been too long untold.

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 The first day, the first Moment I started playing E&P, I was guided to a "Summon Poll", to acquire 'Heros' to take into battle.
On my first draw, I got a hero named 'Bane'. I thought "Hey, he looks good! He has three shiny stars over his name. Says He's FAST... 'He's Special! Me and him are goin' places.'

So, on my next several draws, I recieved a gypsy looking girl with a bow(she only had 2 stars, but she was a healer…cool!)some young woodsman with an axe, and a few other 1 stars that didn’t impress me. I figured, eh. Can’t hit a homerun every time up at bat. But… I had… BANE…‘He’s Special! Me and him are goin’ places’.
Soo, now I go into battle. I’m leveling up faster than a meth head trapped in a pharmacy.I get more heros, I feed them to BANE. He gets… BIGGER…STRONGER…FASTER…!
And I’m thinkin’ this guys a Beast. ‘He’s Special! Me and him are goin’ places’.
Sooo.The first time I stopped to take a break, I’m at level 10. A beast appears on my screen. Calls itself a ‘TITAN’. I’m thinkin’ “Yea Baby…We gonna whoop some Titan tail!”.
I tap on it. It says I have to join an ‘Alliance’ to attack the titan. Im thinkin’ “I dont need an alliance. I dont need anyones help. I got BANE.” ‘He’s Special! Me and him are goin’ places’.
Soooo…now I guess I gotta join an alliance, right? If I want to progress in this game. I find the search feature, peruse a few potentials. Start at the top, work my way down. Figuring I’ll find myself a humble little crew somewhere in the middle. I’ll humor them, let them believe they are superior to me…FOR NOW! But, that wont last long, because… I have BANE! ‘He’s Special! Me and him are goin places’.
Sooooo…I tap on the Alliance request tab, and go to bed. The next day, I wake up to find I had been accepted by the alliance of MY CHOOSING!..hmph! Of course they accepted me. I had BANE! ‘He’s Special! Me and him are goin’ places’.
Soooooo…now I gotta feel my way around this motley crew. The boss(for now)is someone named Lady Joy. First thing she does is start barkin’ rules at me(Im not feelin’ the “Joy” part of this yet). Next, I get her sidekick. A grumpy little dwarf, waving his axe in my face. Im thinkin’ to myself “hang in there. it will get better” After all, I have BANE. ‘He’s Special! Me and him are goin’ places’.
Once I got settled in, and got to know the members.I decided their OK, maybe I’d keep ‘em around for a bit. Next task was to dive on the internet, research the game, find an edge. RISE ABOVE! After all, I already had a head start, cause…I have BANE…???
WAIT! There’s better than 3* heros? There’s 4s and 5s? I’m NOT a GOD amongst men? …UGHH… My dreams of glory have been turned to delusions of grandeur. My aspirations have been reduced to desperation. But, I’ll be OK. YA KNOW WHY?

           the end :)

Oh man! This is totally great! You da man, why? Because you got BANE! :grin::+1:


Thanks. It was a spare of the moment inspiration:)

@JonahTheBard — Thank you for sort of archiving the E&P fanfic on the Forums (& elsewhere? Thinking I ran across one on a fanfic archive, AO3). I adore fanfic and E&P; when they’re meshed, I love it!

Xorana is an incredibly amazing storyteller and author. Her work is magical. I believe that she believes the game characters “told their stories” to her. I hope she is still listening to something and writing about it.

If a plotbunny bites me, I will definitely post something in tribute to Xorana. I wish she hadn’t left the community and I miss her tales!

Much appreciation, most Bardly One!



Nice work! & welcome to the forum!

i think i will enjoy reading all this…


Has anyone got any uncatalogued creative content?

For the songs section:

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Also, there appear to be several of @KLinMayhem’s songs which belong in here

Downloaded my post history and did some excel filtering to find all my threads :smiley:. May I present, The Empires and Puzzles unoffical soundtrack!


Wowsers trousers…I missed loads of these.

Love some George Ezra!

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