Fighting Cheeseburgers

Homaclese and i ( PapaBear) are looking for some new members in our Alliance of course no pressure, just fun … we both are Long term players since the very beginning of E&P …Maybe there are others out there that wanna take it easy and just play with out pressure and have fun if so come join us …Also new players might learn a thing or 2 from us who knows …Until then there is nothing better than a Good Cheeseburger …over & out good gaming

We Created this Alliance to be a Fun Alliance with absolutely no pressure…if you wanna play in wars o.k if not its ok . Hit titans ok if not its ok play how you want without the stress and pressure of top alliance’s. Real life is always first !! New Players are welcome old Players who wanna take a break and relax are very welcome too…


Still looking for few good players

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Wow, wow, this is super positive, yet with balance,

:heart_eyes: If I wasn’t commited to my alliance, I’d join.

Hats off to you.


Thx Gerg for positive feedback …

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Still looking for friendly players that wanna play on a relaxed lvl…& just have fun .

I have been considering a switch… been with the same alliance for 3.5 years and I like the people in it :slight_smile: and our game play (no pressure as well). But sometimes I feel like we can do more you know…
How many spots are open maybe I can talk to my alliance if a merger is possible? Or if a few folks wanna move here for an upgraded experience? Or maybe I can make the switch my self…

  • How many few players?
  • Whats your definition of a good player?
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@TTT Hi we are 3 players so far …by good player i meant respectful, friendly , helpful and just wanna have fun experience lvl doesnt matter its a learning process anyways …

Many greetings…

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Thanks for getting back to me!

Since you are 3 players, would you be interested in joining our alliance? We are absolutely chill… nothing to worry about… the only thing we have set is that if you join war TRY to use your flags…
Some of us have been together in the same alliance for 3+ years.

@TTT we are now 4 …want to keep our alliance…if you guys are interested come over and join …

Many greetings

We are growing slowly but we are growing…we are still looking for friendly, respectful people that would like to play in a chilled out laid back alliance…

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Tired of spending money and always chasing the new hero’s? Have to many hero’s to level and don’t know who next ? Always under pressure to buy buy buy ? Forget all that. play with what you have and have fun in a relaxed Alliance Come join Fighting Cheeseburgers and have fun playing the game without all the huff and fuss of always being under pressure…

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May pay to mention despite the super casual nature of the alliance we have won 12 of the last 14 wars (with one of the losses attributable to a bug)


Btw, just curious why doesnt Homa-mini in the alliance ? :thinking:

This alliance is super casual with on and off titan hitting.

Mini homa is getting benefits of 8-10* titan kills , alliance quest etc in a bigger alliance.

Also trying to avoid accusations of using my other accounts to somehow benefit mini homa

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For all those SOLO players out there we are looking for you …still wanna play solo but in an alliance well by us you can keep playing Solo , hit titan if you want , play war if you want it doesn’t matter to us we play how we want …interested then join us …we want you !!

If you guys would be interested in joining a larger alliance, I have 6 spots open in Verdant Vipers. Sounds like our play styles are similar. We ask people to use all their war flags or opt out, and all the other events/titans are optional.