February 2022 : Winter Family's Balance Update - Follow up!

I liked SG’s effort to explain the reasons for the Feb-22 balance changes to the WInter family, which was called the Big nerf & created player uproar !

  • Some specific questions have been answered which fairly clarify the context for the changes & also seem to cover most aspects.
  • This also shows that SG team is watching / studying events happening in the game & not being ignorant / lack of practical playing knowledge, which few players insinuated !

I use costume Krampus on offence regularly in raids / wars with Pengi + Bera. Its fun ! :smiley:

  • For me, Pengi is the real CraZy in the winter family :smiley:

What do you think ?!

Thanks & good day!


I think it was a fair response. I also think it’s going to receive the same venom and criticism and it did when it happened.

No way it’s going to make anyone happy or calm things, but it’s always an easier pill to swallow when a company is forthcoming. SO I guess what I got out of this is SGG MUST keep us informed and not make quick decisions without a fair explanation. And most importantly LEAN MORE ON BETA TESTING! It’s a free way to get opinions and work out the glitches. Not using that to its fullest is beyond foolish.


I do appreciate that they made an effort to communicate on this issue and overall seemed a well-thought message (the only thing they did not address was the money issue - nerfing them just after the event finished), except that…

…their argumentation was built around what their quantitative metrics show: “Contrary to such observations, our data indicated beyond any doubt that Costume Krampus was a singular outlier”. We cannot contradict them because not only we don’t know what their data shows, but we don’t even know what they actually measure… Personally I would have liked to understand better what and how they measure in order to see if it was because hero X or hero Y, considering that here was pretty much a trio that worked with one another: C Krampus - Pengi - Mother North

This raises the point also about what will they actually measure for Rudolph, Frosty and Buddy… How much they lose when they are on defense in tournaments? How much people will still use them on defense? Considering that 3* and 4* tournaments are not each week, that some heroes are used more in some formats and not on others and that new 3* and 4* are introduced, it will take quite a long time to get some accurate information on it. Who knows, maybe they will come with a conclusion and introduce some costumes for them next Winter event :smiley:


I’ve said it before… But pengi is a dependent hero. Alone he is just a good sniper. There are plenty of over powered heroes… Try bringing a mono yellow team against ursena. A bad board and the game is over.


@Petri or “seasoned” players, why have these been discontinued? “seasoned players may remember our old Raid Indices and our Spring 2021 AMA .

These seem to have been an interesting insight for most players

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There wasnt much feedback on the costume krampus in beta … I did point this out to staff after the nerf situation as wanted to check myself what players said.
There was 11 posters thats it …that aint feedback …believe me there top players in beta that dont say a word that really does ■■■■ me off.

Side …

Being beta has been opened for new folk i hope they give feedback and if folk say they dont listen … They do there is a report on what everyone says in beta recap which will say what other posters thought … Because they didnt go with peoples thoughts does not meen they dont listen :wink::roll_eyes:


Thats some very important inside info… many top players seem to be in permanent meditation silence :smiley:

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That’s :poop: y… Beta should not be a special preview, but a place for testing, feedback, ideas and solutions development.

I did not apply for Beta because I am already spending too much time on this game, but I would really hope that the new beta players will be involved, not only go there to see the new heroes a bit earlier.

Not everyone can be so helpful as @PlayForFun, but people could/ should do their part


I have mentioned this before on other threads to do with the krampus nerfing.
I have said on here and to staff i believe there players use beta for a gain for themselves and not for players or the company .


I heard is first time now. Did suspect it… bcoz, youtubers, sound funny - surprised & ignorant about many heroes, which they have clearly tested before… which surprises me !

I have applied for beta this time too … but then, I am sure, many others too have applied… lets see if I turn lucky :slight_smile:


Youtubers i dont mind or sgg for that matter as is content about the game … More eyes on the product for them . So they kinda get a pass

Good luck for beta…:+1:


They didn’t say anything we didn’t already assume they’d say. But what did they ignore? Let’s hear about your metrics on all the buffs that you slid in at the same time (same announcement and same “balance” changes) SG! Where is your metrics on buffing Director Zuri, Milena, Starfall family bonuses, Magic family bonuses, etc.? Tell me the data that supports buffing these already top 10% heroes. We’ll all be waiting. We won’t hold our breath though.


It was a decent response. And it’s good that they stuck to their word and provided some additional feedback on the rebalance activity.
For that I am grateful …
But I look at these things realistically now and appreciate that not everyone will be satisfied and the theories about this, that and the other will continue. As will the calls for compensation etc.
But It will be interesting to see what SG do with Buddy, Rudolph and Frosty in the future.
I am now in Beta for testing. It’s only my second round but I can confirm that the opportunity is there to comment specifically on every hero being considered for release. I try them all in raids offence / defence, war, tournaments etc and say what I think. Some heroes I have found to be too weak, some too strong and some ready to go.
And to be fair I sincerely do not have the impression that the feedback is being ignored


No? Do you feel that most of the new heroes are balanced and good to go or excessively strong? Did Zuri need a buff?

Still a pathetic response if you take into account the timing of their findings. No problem in early December when we were selling these Winter crew that were very hard and costly to get. Only a problem in January after we had sold them and made all that money.


As I have said, I have only been in Beta for two rounds. So only tested 2 new sets of heroes currently in the pipeline.
A handful of those heroes have been “pants” for want of a better word and my feedback was to improve them (because I doubt that anyone would use them much if they got them). Some are really decent and good to go, I didn’t think they needed much of a tweak to be competitive in the current game be honest.
But a couple I gave feedback on was to “tone” them down.
With regards to “rebalancing” activity, I am not employed or paid by SG and don’t have access to game data that might suggest which heroes need either a buff or a nerf.


Not only that, but they BUFFED borderline OP heroes in the same stroke! If they hadn’t released the crazy buffs at the same time I’d probably feel yeah it sucks but I’m ok with it! The fact they buffed these crazy heroes showed me it was all about the cash. It always is.


While I understand your irritation, the following question was helpful for me:

  • Would I have spent to get Krampus costume with the current hero card?

My answer is “Yes” and hence I am not affected by the change, which, thankfully wasn’t drastic for me.

  • Though I would love to have the original hero card.
  • Also, I wouldn’t have chased the hero, both, pre or post balance.

I still use Krampus costume regularly on offence But for defence, I use others, bcoz of roster options.

I found this a pretty good reply, quite a bit more open than what I was used to from other games who never explain anything.

If beta feedback is lacking that is a big problem, but not one that SG can be blamed for either.

My main objection would be how they (not) dealt with 3* and 4* heroes, as they really didn´t need a debuff, so if they debuffed the minions through the family bonus they could have just buffed the individual minions a little bit to make up for it and then monitor the situation from there.


Agree with OP that Pengui was the only OP hero of the family, don’t get why they nerfed everyone else lol