Farming to Fill Special Elemental Chests

Here’s something I’ve used from Line. This is on @Oggiez wise goat bot. I’m not sure where it originated.

None of those are low level.

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@littlekaf I have now verified there are six levels below province 6 that have yellow monsters (confirmed by clicking on the levels) They are 2-1,2-3,2-5,3-1,3-3, and 3-5.
I guess the confusion is that the question is What are the best levels for a fairly new player to fill the holy chest not what are the best levels over all, and if there is a chart that gives an approximation of the number and type of enemies for each level.

Your information is very useful but, not for my guy (BTW, he filled it by using one or more of the levels I gave him). I will keep it for future use and thank you for that.

No problem. I knew I wasn’t quite on target, but thought it could help. I didn’t have the data you requested handly available.

Same here. My wife has just got her third Chest this month. I have just got one. Last month, she had two too. How frequently is this type of Chest ? Once or twice a month ? Or determined by how fast you open it ?

It’s determined by how many chests you open. If you do 2 monster and raid chests a day it averages every 9 days. (With big swings — 5 to 14 days)

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i think you need to update the list to include season 3 stages.

Nope, because none of the S3 stages are better. S2 is only better during AR. Until there’s an equivalent for s3 they’re all awful for filling chests.

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Big swings indeed, I do at least 3 chests a day but last time it took 15 days and now it’s been 11 days already. Seems the loot has gone worse to, last time I got only 1 3* mat

From @Oggiez’ Wise Goat:


Basically about one for every ~32 regular chests. There is a thread about it.

Where to farm? search for Barry Farmz Here, but the link from here seems to direct to a private page. But it is around somewhere.

I just opened Red chest…nothing interesting…

Hi All,

I just filled purple elemental chest during Tremors of Underwild. Best stage for purple chest S4 8/7.

Thank you


Hi All,

I just filled blue elemental chest during Tremors of Underwild. Best stage for for blue chest that I found S4 8/2.

Thank you

have red chest, is there any good place to farm it in season 4?

Red :32-2/12-6


tnxs for the info phil1124 :grin: