Event related Does someone experience damage differences?

This time it felt weird doing damage on the event…i did with my Isarnia lvl 80 (one time when I looked) 40 damage ( on the profi lvl). One of my teammates said for him it was also strange.
Did someone experience somthing similar or did the made them stronger or is it me ?

In one of the recent updates they adjusted the strength for the monsters up and strength of the bosses down.

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yes i heard or read that too but especially with the bosses it took me quite while to finisj them

This event they adjusted the bosses and increased the life and defense of the minions. So it takes longer to get to the bossses but the bosses are more doable now.

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The adjusted the strength of the monsters for all challenge events, the bosses were only adjusted in Avalon

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I can tell a difference in the time score. On adv lvl 10 it took me 21 minutes to kill the bosses but I still got a substantial time bonus. That was a long a finally fruitful battle :slight_smile: