Error in raid matchmaking algorithm – FrancescoDarkness‘s feedback and discussion on Raiding

They have a built in 20% attack boost (buff) because they are controlled by the AI (Artificial Intelligence) which is not that intelligent. So all their attacks are, on average, 120% of what is stated (x1.2) so a 345% attack becomes a 414% attack. They can also be weaker or more powerful using mathematics that only SG knows. Edit: as @baga points out, this boost in power applies to their defense also.

Hope this clears things up a bit.

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Clear it but what doesn’t make it clear is that now I have played against a much weaker opponent and lost right away, and the mistake is that I couldn’t charge a single time for both rounds! No matter what team I assemble when I don’t charge any ability! This is a bug of the game, and as you wrote it knows only the developer and that’s exactly what I still say that nothing is a coincidence but exactly the game will determine what you get because it is not possible that with such a multitude of stones so saved to charge the opponent and what is a paradox is that he always attacks exactly who could be charged and not who would not change the game development so the game knows exactly what to do and it is not about any random as claimed here that `s my opinion .

And one more thing, I stopped putting photos and videos here, but I don’t know why, but interestingly I can’t do it anymore. I want to put something here but it doesn’t

It is for those who said that wo kong is good only for the titan and I do not play with him, the problem is only that he works but not me! Three videos and it still works, so tell me it’s a coincidence! To him with three games each time and me is never a coincidence ?!

The fact that with three games did not give me any attack it is commonplace it is clear to me that it does not give me such a combination but it is a shame and comment

Take a good look at his buldtusk gave me a red for 360 :slight_smile: I have it and never gave a 360 in my life and has nothing to do with any skill mark but just crap

I would like to confirm that the game is clearly conspiring against you and acting unfairly specifically against you.

Full confirmation. Very unfair towards FrancescoDarkness. Must fix. Game is most likely racist or sexist.


Thank you for your understanding, even when the game is over, it won’t give me anything at least if wo kong doesn’t give damage to 1900 and defenders 300 or more, that’s ridiculous, for wo kong gave more damage than Liana so this game has no rules.

another video and then try to write again that I am deliberately playing if I have 1000 cups again

lol that is pure comedy. you lost against a team with Cyprian tank and your solution is to replace two of your heroes with purples? at least you had a dispeller before (and an unnecessary second healer).
and with raiding skills/knowledge like that you keep attacking teams with 400 higher TP?

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That’s why I attack so strong because I have a chance to win once out of 6 attacks, but when I play with the treads I lose anyway and take away the last cups I have and why I gave two healers? Therefore, if I give one so I will not have time for a single attack and be dead, I have one max two attacks per game unlike the opponent! If you also watched the videos I put here, you would understand why I already give two healers. The game does not give me the stones as they show on youtube how the game gives them the stones to play but gives me nothing

My blue has more talents and still gives half the damage and can you tell me why?

all this is a scam, I have those players he and they don’t play that way in my life. I also have talent for yellow, and yet he did nothing to purple! When I have such a yellow opponent so he always gives me at least 600 and more but not about whom the game determines how much to take!

Start paying attention to adv troops. And by the way. Ranvir helped Sonya giving 800+ damage. Start to put in order off buffs your atack team. Boldtusk first, chacal is great with another yellow sniper. Instead of caedmon. You already got Seshat to debug. Soo. I think you should listen guys here.

Defenders have a home turf advantage: +20 attack and +20 defence. Also, opponent’s Sonya was buffed by Ranvir. Plus your opponent has better blue troops than you have. (And there’s a bit of random variation too.)

the bottom line is: you have no clue about game mechanism especially strategy, color stacking and RNG. you have more or less 2 options:

  • listen to what people told you in here (there were a lot of good advices, tipps and hints)
  • don’t listen and keep on renting. you won’t get any better then

I would listen but good advice will appear here a little when and what I ask no one answers anyway, I asked how it is possible that my sonia gives half the damage as an opponent and even if ranvir does not deliver the ability, I want to understand the principle why it is so that my heroes do not deal damage as opponents. That’s a logical question, because 300 and 600 is 100% difference and I don’t know why.

So my Sonia has more talents so she can’t be better and I have heard 20% of the attack but I don’t know what the mathematics of developers have but in 400 of us there are 20% 80 which would be 480 but I give 386 and she 653 I don’t know if this is 20% then I am not surprised that I do not understand this game and how it actually works because we use other mathematics

Well I do not understand it is true, they wrote here that blue has the greatest power to red and so on, but for me it does not matter if it hits its blue so it does not care who takes and as if it took red so do not wonder that I do not understand. I hit with Sona his green for 397 but his sonic 653 into my green which should have the weakest attack by color. So I will be glad if you explain it to me so I understand this mechanics game Thank you

there are no different mathematics, you’re just doing it wrong. it’s not damage +20%. your opponent has 20% more attack and 20% more defense. damage is calculated on i.e. how much your att stats are and how much the opponent’s def stats are (also weak/strong/neutral color). this leads to another result than just “X damage + 20%”

also, if ranvir supports an opponent’s hero he increase from the “+20%” which also leads to a way higher result.

and it’s not about how much talents you gave a hero. you can choose between different paths too… (att, def, hp).

i hope you get it now

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