Error in raid matchmaking algorithm – FrancescoDarkness‘s feedback and discussion on Raiding

Because even the support did not know anything to write to me so I ask here or accident anyone has the same problem as my account. Is it common to play 8 games in battle, and I can’t fill a single ability to attack an opponent? Every time I turn, the opponent charges and attacks, I normally get the opponent’s red player, and she’s going to shoot at me, it’s not conceivable for him to have every ability to turn around, like play, I lose all 6 games and I will not buy any ability.

And then a player like that who installed it yesterday and destroys it without problems

That player is level 27, and very clearly a cup dropper. They put a very weak defense in to entice people to attack them, and then use a much stronger offense for revenges and raids.

Are you using your defense team on offense? If so, that is likely your problem. There are very few good defense teams that also make good offenses.


What are you writing about? He had three lv1 players and with this team he beat me as to what this game is about? That doesn’t make any sense. And you want to say that when I am LV 35 I don’t have to improve players and I just need lv1 to beat lv22 just because it’s a bigger level? Does that make sense to you?

What you see is his defence team.
You do not see what he is using to raid you.
Maybe he has used all 4* hero’s? You just don’t know.

There is no way to see what anybodoy used as offence team. The only thing you can see is what a players is using to defend.


I didn’t understand a word you said…

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HarryDeB So then I understand it now, thank you

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No… what I’m telling you is you should not be using your defense team to attack people.


In particular, I can’t go into my head as it is possible that I can’t even recharge my players once from six attacks, after all, it has no logic to play. Either I have a problem with the program that does it or I don’t understand how it is possible

So I turned to my problem to support, but unfortunately failed and did not even get an explanation of why I have it, of course, again I did 6 attacks and I did not even a single ability so a super game and technical support do not even say. I asked to tell me the names of the players they support and tell them the mistakes in the game but of course they didn’t tell them just that they claim everything is ok. The worst slide of all the games I’ve ever played.

Can you post the heroes you have in your roster and/or your attack team? That would make it easier to provide guidance.


You’re the first one here to try to discuss my problem. For the whole time I play, it didn’t happen to me that I had the first full of some ability, and it didn’t happen to me once that the opponent didn’t use a special attack once and I couldn’t even charge one ability to play each other game

You’re using a rainbow team of mostly partially-leveled heroes, with Average and Slow mana. Your tiles will not hit for much damage, and it will be easy for your opponent’s defense to kill your heroes before they get enough tiles to charge.

Kashhrek also is not a great choice for offense, because he only heals himself and two other heroes, and his tile damage is very low. Boldtusk, Kiril, Melendor, Sabina, and Rigard would be all better choices as healers.

You should be color stacking (bringing multiple heroes of one color) in the color that is strong against the enemy tank. That way, the tiles of that color will hurt the tank badly, and will charge multiple of your heroes at the same time.

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Thank you so please advise which I should improve and with whom to use thank you

You almost certainly need to start by setting a defense that is weaker than your best possible. Because your defense can probably win fights that your offense couldn’t.

I recommend feeding heroes with 1* and 2* heroes of the same color, since they level 20% faster that way.

I would work on these heroes right now:

  • Jahanghir
  • Rigard
  • Melendor
  • Sonya
  • Li Xiu

Get them up to 3/50 or 3/60. As they get there, we can offer more advice. Once Jahanghir hits 3/50, though, definitely finish Boldtusk to 3/60.

Boldtusk should be the healer you take on every raid right now, until Melendor and Rigard are higher level.

You don’t have enough heroes to bring 3 of any color just yet, which is a very common strategy. But here are my recommendations:

Against a yellow tank, bring Tiburtus-Boril-Khagan-Hel-Boldtusk also. Swap Rigard for Khagan once Rigard is 2/50 or higher.

Against a green tank, Tiburtus-Boril-Khagan-Hel-Boldtusk. Swap Jahanghir for Boril once he’s ready. I would avoid Kashhrek tanks, though, since you’ll struggle to kill them.

Against a blue tank, you’re really going to struggle. If it’s NOT Boril, you can try Tiburtus-Boril-Kashhrek-Hel-Boldtusk. Swap Melendor for Boldtusk once Melendor is ready, and then you can go after Boril tanks.

Against a purple tank, you’re also really going to struggle. I’d reroll until Li Xiu is higher level.

Against a red tank, I would likewise reroll until Sonya is higher level.


Thank you, I will try to play according to you, thank you again

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So it didn’t help to change anything, lose again, and as always, I couldn’t charge myself. Simply this game has mistakes but unfortunately nobody wants to admit it and what is worse no one with support and have only one learned sentence: Our players see nothing wrong with the game and so it can not be a problem :smiley: of course they do not want to reveal one nick of the player who is supposed to watch it.

Can you show the team you attacked and the team you used?

I normally go 3-2. I mean, 3 heroes of a color that is strong against the center (boril center: i use 3 greens) and 2 heroes of a color of one of the heroes in the middle (Caedmon beside boril: i use Scarlet and boldtusk). This way, my attack is stronger and it’s easier to kill the enemies.

And i avoid more the 2 slow heroes together (i never use Colen and Isarnia in the same team), because the enemies will charge very fast, before my enemies.

I have already used all the combinations that allow my cards. I have never been able to beat faster than an opponent for the whole time I play here, and I do not charge one for every third game. It costs a lot of money so that I can choose the opponents as weak as possible so that I do not need abilities and just stones. I don’t like it anymore if I could put videos here so I would show you here how it works. It has never happened that the opponent missed the fun but it becomes every third game.

Upload the video to youtube and link it here.

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