Error in raid matchmaking algorithm – FrancescoDarkness‘s feedback and discussion on Raiding

So you were at 2300 cups? How did you get that many stacking weak against the tank like your second-last video (which ironically you should have won anyway)?

Typically we ALL lose more than win when attacked. But most of your losses were from you attacking. Maybe you just suck at match 3 games.

This is the very definition of random.

Well, ain’t my business after all, but here’s some hints that might help.

  1. Never bring 4 red heroes against a blue tank, they only cause half the normal damage…
  2. Wu Kong’s special skill blinds your team, so never use it before using other special skills, you might miss… anyway, Wu is for titans not for raiding.
  3. Always kill the healers before you go after the snipers. You had more than one opportunity to kill Vivica…
  4. Try to anticipate the effect that your next move will have on the other tiles. Some moves might generate unwanted cascades, charging you enemy’s mana bar.
  5. If the enemy has only two heroes left, in wing positions, don’t try killing them with tiles, use the wide central gap to ghost tiles and charge your special skills.

There were several key points during that raid where you made critical errors, turning what should have been a victory into a defeat.


I am still a big newbie to this game and even I saw stupid mistakes on that raid video.
Why keep making the same mistake (gamble) with Wu Kong? You kept waiting to use him how many times? 4? 5? 6? That was your biggest mistake in my opinion… but more at the fact you did not learn from it. He had so many misses, yet you continued to try and rely on him.

The reason Wu is good for titans is he works great for tiles and when stacking against a titan you get big hits because all 5 central columns hit them. The more tiles that hit the more that will be hits and not misses.

Wu is NOT good for raiding because

  1. he makes specials miss too often and
  2. tiles are more likely to miss completely than hit when only a couple heroes left, and those that do hit can miss because of his chance.

Never is a strong word. Sure, you aren’t supposed to stack red against a blue tank, but I did once and won the battle. It against an alliance that used blue tanks and on some of my last attacks I ran out of green heroes, so I figured, I’ll stack red so I can get rid of Alby in the corner. Wouldn’t you know it? I got a red diamond to start with my red heroes charged, I wiped out all the heroes.

You can say it was luck, and it was. However, assuming that I was going to get that board regardless of attack team setup, I would have lost if I went with a green heavy team. Basically all to say that 60% of what determines whether you win or lose is based on what tiles you get. The other 40% is that you have strong enough heroes (i.e. 4 or 5 stars).

I have used a red stack on 6th flag in wars against all blue tanks and won as well. In my case it was that or all 3*'s.

Can I suggest, you also have conversations with your alliance mates about raiding strategies. If this is indicative of how you war, I’d want to talk with you sooner than later.

Selecting heros that counter your opponents is essential. Further, taking your time and thinking beyond the immediate tile move would really help your game play too - there is a plethora of expertise, video clips etc on the forum.

You’ve already been given great advice. Please take the time to READ it :thinking:. Good luck.


Advanced war tactics might be a bit much here… Still, I’d stick to my advice, don’t stack reds against blue tanks. Even in war, a weak color stack would be your last option. Even better, you could use that to wipe out an already tankless team.


That’s exactly what I say, I also have Justice, and when I use it, it never does that 80% of the hits go much but the opponent’s Justice is 100 percent and I’m not talking that the opponent is doing 200 damage and my two violets when 200 that’s the dirty thing, Justice was supposed to be dead without any intervention, but suddenly I’m not going to give the damage any more

Notice the little shield icon on Justice when you hit her with the third purple 3 match. It’s the symbol for the “Protect” talent. Her defense was boosted by 25% by her talent, That’s why your tiles didn’t kill her… But Protect is only active for two turns. Now, if you watch closely, what you should have done there, instead of throwing the purple tiles trying to finish her, was delay that move by two turns for the effect of Protect to dissapear. Notice that you had available yellow combos on both wings, not risking to charge Justice or any other enemy and also charging your Jackal. Two turns later, the effect of Protect would have worn off and your purple tiles would have killed Justice 100% leaving you healthy, unblinded and with both Jackal and Seshat charged… the rest of the raid might have been very different from that point forward… to win raids you have to know all the heroes, what they do, what makes them strong, what their weak points are, understand and take advantage of the game mechanics and not just resume to throwing random tiles, hoping they’ll kill the enemy… keep trying, you’ll get there…


This is really a helpful post as I didn’t know that, so it should help me in the future, so thank you.


thank you for the explanation, it is useful advice, the problem is that in our language and in the Czech we do not know such things.

This forum knows no boundaries, so you may always find some good advice here. As for the language barrier, you’re managing fine enough in English.


The whole thing is … since I put videos here and write criticism so I lost almost everything and when it is a random placement of stones as it is possible that I have not won any defense in a month ?! It does not matter who has always lost and interesting to lose and return attack, developers of this game probably do not know the meaning of the word chance! Coincidence is not 0 but some chance! It is a pity to write anything at all because nobody admits anything here and they say only their own and will not help the videos where it is clear to see. 6 times I gave the attack and never once did the ability: -D :smiley: and a player who is 30 lv will return the attack for 50 cups just like that.

Actually, @FrancescoDarkness, @Ian487 gave you awesome feedback on your video as to why Justice was not defeated.

Something for everyone to remember,

Watch videos on youtube and learn how to raid,. everything ok with the game (not the summon odds) good luck!

I just watched the videos and enough, and I say that they are different as it allocates the stones, does not give me at all what they put there, and they suspect it goes quite differently than me. It is strange that they walk what they need but I walk what the opponent needs and it does not matter what team I build, because if the stones do not come what I build. And Interestingly, I did not find a video on youtube that they will play the game and will not charge a single ability, and it happens to me more and more often.

I would say that that is almost impossible. The videos do show people losing however. You really need to change your strategy. It makes me sad seeing someone being frustrated due to not properly understanding game mechanics. A full frontal assault and just matching any three tiles can get you killed fast and results in frustration. Don’t set up your team with a colour opposite it’s strong colour e.g red facing up to a blue or blue facing green and so on. Identify dangerous targets to avoid and attack weakness where you can. Healers make ideal targets for tiles while you charge specials (only at the start of a raid before you have done damage), likewise try to match up tiles vs their weak colour while charging specials. Make a gap anywhere and send tiles up through it for double mana until your specials are charged.
I have just started to make myself a more attractive target for raiding and regularly kill teams 300 points superior to me, gaining a ~100 cups in just two revenge raids while I get attacked by superior forces for almost no loss; not even that much food and iron. Try to avoid raiding weaker teams as you just lose cups.
Keep asking questions.

Good luck and take care.

EDIT: I’m sorry I have no videos. I don’t even know if I can record such a thing on my old device. I did just watch your first video however and your playing style is so totally random, I’m no longer surprised by you losing. Pick your targets off one at a time, not just when you see three tiles matching.

Thank you for your advice, which I still do not understand is why your opponent’s heroes always do more damage than mine?

because they have a hidden 20% buff to their attack and defense which is not reflected in their stats.

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