Endless Knights 28/30 - active & friendly alliance

Endless Knights has freed up 2 spaces and is looking for like-minded players to join our ranks. English speaking international group with levels 40s to 80s, FFA war with rotating tanks and flanks, 13-14* titans, discord and line recommended.

If you’re looking to step up your game, want to take a break from the intensity of top alliances, or just want to enjoy the game and life with your peers… check us out!

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One spot remains open… come join a solid, dedicated and active group!

One spot has opened up… English speaking international group levels 40s - 80+, FFA wars with rotating tanks and flanks. Looking for someone who is active and consistent.

1 spot open

One spot open at Endless Knights.
Come join the fun!
Will lower trophies for whoever is interested. You can message me here or on line at Lace2022

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2 spots open. Looking for active players. Drop me a comment or message if you’re interested in joining.

1 space open for active and consistent players. War, titan, mythic titan, alliance quest and real life oriented group

1 spot open

2 spots open, we are an English speaking, international alliance focused on wars, titans, mythic titans, alliance quests and real-life

One space open in English speaking international group with emphasis on war, titans, mythic titans, and alliance quests while dealing with real life

2 spots open

If you are tired of the top alliance grind, or looking to step up your game we are the perfect place! Endless Knights is home to many former top alliance members that are enjoying the fun atmosphere, and at the same time home to mid level players learning the intricacies of higher level gameplay… only 2 spots left!

3 spots open

6 spots open

2 spots left

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