Emblem Shifting

A strange scenario came over my thoughts. If you have a hero that you want to use in the war, but don’t have the emblems, can you reset emblems from Another Hero to give to him before the war starts? The scenario in mind comes during the war.

The hero that you reset is one that you want to use. When the war is going on can you take the emblems from the defense hero and move them back to the original hero? Since defense heroes are locked in, would you have a period where they both could have emblems? I found it a curious thought for an F2P or C2P player to gain a little advantage.

If I understood your question correctly, the answer is yes, when there is a war, you can remove the emblems from the hero of defense and give them to the hero of attack. In the defense team, the hero from whom you removed the emblems will not suffer, he will stand with the emblems. I checked it in January of this year.

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But it will cost you in ham/iron and be a very expensive habit.

I do have a dozen reset emblems, so it wouldn’t be toooooo expensive… :thinking::wink: