Elemental chest question/concern – is it normal to go more than 19 days without an Elemental Chest?

I know there several topics for this, but this was closely enough or my concern

I try to daily fill my monster and raid chest, and I have reed that element chest occurs about 8-16 days, now I hadn’t chest in 12 days…

I havent use gems to give new chest. Is element chest random base on filled chest or days to occur?

There is no set time frame or chest count! It’s unfortunately all rng. What we do understand is very simple, more chests opened more chances one pops, just like more chests = more mats longterm! I’ve had chests 4days apart and 22 days apart. The average is 10 days but you can experience either end of the scale and still average 1 every 10 days over a year

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Seems to be the RNG weakness of my account. I only had 3 elemental chests in more than 8 month of playing.


I dont know, i hardly understand something about this.
I had chests appearing after only 6 days [which is my record and i don’t even skip them with gems] but some took even a month, doing almost always the same stuff, the only variable being the titan chest which is, yeah variable. I only started tracking them this year and i had 8, last one was on April 1st, so now im 13 days in and still counting.

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I absolutely agree, I got just 3 in over 7 months. Now, I never gave the using gems to accelerate monster chest much credence, but 3 accelerated chests over 6 days and bang: elemental chest appears less than 6 weeks after the last one. I’m not given to superstition as a rule but this did seem a strange coincidence. Occams Razor conclusion would say “RNG” and I’ll go with that.

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I think people are mixing cause and effect. It isn’t because you are accelerating chests that cause a greater frequency of elemental chests. You are just increasing the total number of chests, which means a higher opportunity to get an elemental chest. I don’t know how often people fill their chests, but I fill 2x monster daily (using 1 gem or 2 to accelerate) and maybe 1 or 2 times the raid chest. I may get an elemental every month or so, I don’t really count or keep track.


Been playing 10 months, I was averaging 1 rare chest per month. Yes one every effing 30 days.

I’ve started speeding up chests, usually anywhere from 20-60 gems per day.

Past couple of months, I’m averaging a rare chest every week. Shortest span was 4 days, longest gap was 9 days.

5 rare chest in July, 3 in August.


I play mostly without speeding up chests. Since two years I get less then one elemental chest per month. Maybe one in two month, but not much more than 10 per year.

I’ve tried it both ways and I seem to get more when I speed up my chest. With speeding up some chest it seems to be about every 14 days on average that an elemental chest pops up. Best of luck

Just wondering, have you ever seen an elemental chest spawn from an acceleration? Mine only seem to happen (monsters only; never got an elemental raid chest) if I accelerate madly and then allow natural spawning after a 12 hour wait.

I’ve been playing for over two years with two profiles. I’m a very active daily player and I rarely skip chest - only if it’s going to cost me 1 or 2 gems.

Since I’ve been playing I regularly get 2 - 3 coloured chests per month on each profile. I get several more coloured chests than my husband does (active daily player, one profile).

He’s much luckier than I am on summons though so I guess we are all lucky/unlucky with different aspects of the game.

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An excellent point. Certainly there is no immediate gain from spending 15-20 gems as, as you know, regular monster chest loot sucks and blows simultaneously. And the two tokens i get are always rogues and I have none leveled (of two others) except my sentimental 2* Layla who I just keep around for her looks. Doesn’t cost me and the food points she will yield just make her worth keeping in case we ever have another 2* tourney. Layla+20 is pretty damned good even against unlevelled 3*s (not that I use her).

One thing that does interest me quite a bit is how many raids does it take to get an elemental chest in that slot and over what average time frame? According to my stats I have only 690 raids spanning 10 months which is a pitiful ~2 per week.


It’s been like 14 days since my last elemental chest and I’m having withdrawal. I need another hit soon.

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Got one! Ice ice baby.

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16 days. I had a stretch like that once. Congratulations :pirate_flag::sunglasses:

Something like that I didn’t actually keep count

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After I started advancing the chests with gems I can get them more often

06 chest, year 2020


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If I don’t get an elemental chest within 8 days, I’m beginning to freak out. Gem skipping typically produces one as early as 3 days and 7 days, (3 days being the most extreme and most unwelcome, usually the contents resemble that of a typical monster chest).

I’m getting one every 7, max 10 day. I do not push raid or monster chest. I do, most of the time 2 monster and raid chest per day, raid depends mostly on tournament.
Last few weeks, I’m getting elemental chest after titan chest has been opened. I don’t complain, but reward are mostly sh*t. And in the same time, some of my team mates aren’t getting elemental chest for months.

So which gods are you worshipping? On two accounts with dramatically different amounts of play yield me just one chest per account every 4 - 6 weeks (numerical mean ~5 weeks for 2020).

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