🧪 Early information on the October 2020 HOTM (Zulag)

Zulag can still be used offensively to protect two snipers or on flanks to protect wing and reviving tank, or if you have a reviving hero on wing.

At average speed Zulag isn’t going to protect anything. Try Margaret instead.


Now that isn’t something anyone would have said a few months ago!


I honestly hope that the next cycle of heroes with their meat shields end up in defense teams, Grimble going to charge my team like crazy…

Well before this HOTM is even released. They already have a hard counter on this Hero which is Malosi.

And soon another Hard damn Counter for Zulag is… Vanda

Both are in Very fast speed.
So this HOTM is unlikely to be used on Defense at all

Super meh on this one. Costume Melandor provides the healing and defense, except for everyone, and gives a cleanse instead of +defense against specials.

Yes. His role is to guard two snipers on offense, which can be strong. Problem is normal speed.

I would rather, that they made a fast version of him, and heavily reduced his healing, to maybe a Telluria level ( 243 for 2 turns).

He would basically protect snipers from being sniped, but for that, he must be fast to have a chance to protect. Otherwise, he is too slow or need a suporting cast (but that already defeats his purpose)…

That would make him a 5* bryinhild :slight_smile:

Isn’t Brynhild faster???

Mist is also her counter.


Mist is faster, after her 1st special. Otherwise both are fast.

Maybe you missed my post above, where I propose change of Zulag to fast speed for the price of heavily reduced healing :slight_smile:

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New beta, still no love for zulag. Sounds like that’s her final version.

Not even born yet and it’s already dead. Sad. I’d use an average good 5* purple healer but that nerfed rigard is complicated.

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She is 5* kasshrek. Probably useful on diamond below

You can’t even make tavern of legends pulls these days without risking getting some trashy hotm.

I was so excited about this hero but with such a lame ability, not mentioning every other hero has buff dispell, it’s already dead before release as mentioned above… Brynhild, Melendor-C and Rigard-C will almost be better than this hotm. Sad, really sad implementation of this new hero.

I found solution for Zulag!

New meta incoming! Guinevere tank, Zulag flank .

This way, you wont bring yellow to table like Malosi and Mist or atleast you will be punished by reduced tile dmg.

Guinevere would then have : health regen, defense aganist dark, normal defense up, defense aganist spells. Try to take her down now !

Perfect setup for this new Meta would be :

L wing Finley ( or C. Magni or Frigg),
L flank Zimkitha
Tank Guinevere
R flank Zulag
R wing C. Kestrel

Finley - Zimkitha - Guinevere - Zulag - C. Kestrel Beat this!!


Awesome input, Joon. Not sure it should work potentially like TellGravVela, though. since there are a bunch of counters for Guine and Zim around, but he idea isn’t absurd. Zulag flanked by Drake tank would be nice in ur opinion?

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That team is easy bait for Seshat and Red Hood imo. As well as easy bait in general since you’re not taking damage from two of the center heroes. Free tile sinks as long as you’re careful not to trigger Guin without having leftover tiles to recover the mana she reduced.

In my experience, Guin needs some offense behind her to really be threatening. The time she buys is key. I put Khiona and Mits behind her myself. Still weak to Seshat but that is much more likely to kill an enemy hero.

There are also better options I could put over them if I had them. Zulag I don’t think is one of them personally.

She might be an annoying tank in buff booster tournaments with no yellow allowed. Maybe. I really don’t see much use out of her on defense though if I’m being honest. She’s a tile-sink since she provides little threat out of her skill.

Right now the best I have to say about Zulag is she’s an ok offensive support hero that makes it hard to kill the 2 beside her. She’s usable but still meh. I think she really could use a bump to make her at least good, and seeing how I never got an answer on whether devs were satisfied with her, I’m gonna just hope she gets a buff so that those who get her get some more worthwhile use out of her.


Another Paladin?

Interesting but I won’t pull for this hero. So that means I’ll inadvertently get six of them.


I dont think Drake would be solution in tank role beacuse of questionable sturdiness.

How would you deal with my proposed lineup? :slight_smile:

And Joon is my talented aprentice, for your information…

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At this point I’d personally tank with Zulag and put Drake behind her. Since she’s pretty sturdy herself you may as well throw Drake in if you have him, as at least his blind will help make dispelling skills miss (which is key for someone like Zulag).

Actually that’s about the best way to make Zulag work on defense, you’d have to put heroes that cast dodge (like cKadilen or Inari) and heroes that cast blind (like Drake or Neith) to help her out so she isn’t dispelled as easily. Even then, I do agree that it probably wouldn’t be as good as the current Telly meta but it would be workable at least.

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