🧪 Early Information on the August 2019 HOTM (Miki)

Miki is good for titan attack team, but if you lack other blue heroes, you can put as defense for a while, no problemo.

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Thanks Jinbatsu it’s not easy choosing a defence team but I lacked a blue so use two reds. Can’t wait to level up and attack the Titan!

Miki you’re great. 11* special red


I really am enjoying him as well

This guy is absolutely badass. I used him in the Pirates event on legendary for the final battle and watched the bosses life drop massively at the start. His silence also stopped them from firing their special the entire battle. I think he is a must in future challenge events (apart from Avalon where his silence will be reflected).


I also love my Miki

Do you think he can be a good tank or flank?


Also he can get a hot from 12 star titan and stay with third if his hp

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With emblems the way you have him, try him as a tank. Nice to see how you took the defensive path with him to boost his survivability :slight_smile:


I will…

His attack stats are really not so usfull for he is supporting hero and have to stay alive long enough to fire his specials…

Yeah, I probably wouldn’t use him in defense as it takes so long to charge his special, and then when it does fire, it only stops people from firing their special. If I did it would probably be the rear (little Jon/ Hu Tao position). I do bring him in on the occasional raid and he is great once he fires due to your life being a bit lower and the enemy having higher life than you.

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We are letting an 11 star red titan go. I just got a 60k hit on it - with no battle items - just because Miki flashed up twice!

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